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The Signal From Tölva

Big Robot Ltd
Apr 10, 2017 - PC

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Critic Reviews for The Signal From Tölva

A fascinating setting and fizzing gunplay make for a lean, thoughtful exploration-led shooter.

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No Recommendation / Blank

A wasteland you'll love to wander, but not a game you'll necessarily relish, The Signal from T'lva is a dark, frustrating work.

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The Signal From Tölva serves up a promising sci-fi concept, one that is made more intriguing by the ability to manipulate robot factions and some occasional awe-inspiring sights and sounds. But sometimes a slow burn can be a bit too slow thanks to its plodding movement speed, and that's the case here. If you're willing to wade through some deliberate pacing and lots of walking between repetitious shootouts with similar robot enemies, there are some intriguing bursts of action and sci-fi lore waiting for you on the hills of Tolva.

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It’s funny that people still argue about games as art. Because when I play The Signal from Tolva, with its Ian McQue inspired landscapes and robotic citizenry, I can’t help but see it as one. From top to bottom, including the lore document that’s not even “part” of the game, such tender care went into every detail of Tolva that it’s clear to me its as much a work of art as any film. Like THX 1138, Metropolis or Blade Runner, The Signal from Tolva is a great example of science fiction as art. It’s not a perfect game, but it’s a wholly unique experience and an adventure well worth exploring for the inquisitive gamer.

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It falls a bit flat on some of the more traditional fronts for an open-world shooter, but The Signal From Tölva still makes for an atmospheric, absorbing trek across a strange and ancient landscape. Impressive effort.

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The Signal From Tölva is a small but compact title. It neither overstays it's welcome nor vanishes into the ether quickly. The game supports it's fantastic art direction with quality gameplay.

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The Signal From Tolva is an interesting game that shows a well-groomed graphic area, remarkable sci-fi settings and interesting music but not always the top.

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Unknown Author

The Signal from Tölva offers a beautiful world and artstyle with colourful landscapes, unique places, a compelling story and a wonderful implementation of its sci-fi theme. Yet it can´t fill its world with enough to keep it interesting for many hours, can´t offer a really fun Shooter experience for me and has not much that let it stand out Gameplay-wise. I´m sure there are people that can enjoy this game, especially if you´re a fan of its Gunplay but overall, I´m disappointed.

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