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Jul 25, 2017 - PlayStation VR

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Tiny Trax™ Gameplay Trailer thumbnail

Tiny Trax™ Gameplay Trailer

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Tiny Trax - Diddy Drifting Trailer | PS VR

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Tiny Trax | Reveal Trailer | PlayStation VR

Critic Reviews for Tiny Trax

Once you get the hang of Tiny Trax, it's a fantastic little racer that demands you learn the tracks, perfect every corner, and know exactly when to boost in order to win. Some people might stall while getting over the initial hump of learning the handling, others when contemplating the amount of content in the game, but get past that and you'll find a slot-racer for the VR generation.

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Fun is woven into every aspect of Tiny Trax being, and while the lack of additional modes and relatively no-frills VR implementation both leave something to be desired, the skilful handling model will keep most wannabe racers of all ages coming back for more.

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Tiny Trax is a beautifully presented arcade racer which leverages PlayStation VR in an original and intelligent way. Clever use of layers gives the illusion of impressive depth to its dozen or so courses, and smart game design means that the title's extremely accessible but still challenging to master. Our only gripe is that we wished there was more of it, but the release is fairly priced and honestly a must-have if you want to experience something a little different in virtual reality.

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It's been a while since I've so thoroughly enjoyed a learning curve in a racing game. Tiny Trax hides a highly challenging racer behind its charming presentation, and I've enjoyed going from nearly being lapped to occasionally winning races. The only thing that really holds the game back is a lack of content and options, as there are only three cups of tracks to master, but FuturLab definitely has a winner in the gameplay department.

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Tiny Trax is an excellent VR experience, it's good on its design, gameplay mechanics and visuals. Futurlab made a very good job with its first VR game.

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Tiny Trax brings slot racing to a whole new level, but AI is merciless. Find yourselves a buddy to play online or prepare for painfully difficult experience.

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Tiny Trax set its goal fairly low and achieved it. It has very shallow and simple gameplay that is dressed up by stunning visuals and polished presentation. Soundwise, the experience is forgettable and leaves no impression whatsoever. After the initial wow factor of the VR implementation wears off, there really isn't much to this game, and, really, it could have been playable without it at all. The multi-player modes may not have strength to support it, either, given the core user base for PSVR headsets is really niche, making this a very hard recommendation. It is as exciting as actual slot car racing.

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9 / 10

Overall, Tiny Trax is a pleasure to play. It's exciting, visually lovely, and frustrating but addictive. It's these qualities that make the difference between a mediocre game and a great game – and Tiny Trax is a GREAT game. If you have PlayStation VR, you buy it this one since its inexpensive and a lot of fun. See you on the trax!

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