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Super Beat Sports

Harmonix Music Systems
Sep 30, 2017 - Nintendo Switch

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Super Beat Sports for Nintendo Switch | Announce Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Super Beat Sports

But this isn't the mainstream must-play like Harmonix has had in its history. Heck, it isn't even a must-play for people who like quirky little rhythm games, because others have done it better in the past.

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While not offering too much from the Apple TV entry, Super Beat Sports is a serviceable rhythm party game. Its simple controls and infectious soundtrack will have you tapping your toes, but a couple of games in the collection might be a bit disappointing to play with friends.

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I wanted so much more than what I got from this game.

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Super Beat Sports casts the player into a world ruled over by inhuman alien lifeforms, obsessed with physical, brutal gladiatorial events under the oppressive droning of a harsh synthetic rhythm, without any explanation of why or how things have come to be this way. Aside from all that though, actually it's really rather cute, the games are fun for newcomers or veterans alike, and the local multiplayer options are top-notch. While score-chasers will find plenty of medals to earn for perfect performances, casual play will end up being pretty repetitious, especially with the lengthy load times. Because of this, even though it's broken up into bite-sized chunks it isn't always an ideal single player experience. We'd still recommend it however, especially at a budget price, so if you're looking for a fun party game to try out then assemble your crew and go whack some spaceballs!

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It's definitely fun in short bursts, and is perfectly suited to the Switch with its casual, light-hearted multiplayer. That said, it's just not especially engaging or memorable. As far as rhythm games go, this one going to be a bit like Marmite. As a rhythm game. it's not nearly as quirky or interesting as something like Rhythm Heaven - and as a sports game, it can't top Wii Sports. As a combination of both, it's unique - but the sum isn't as good as its parts.

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Being a Harmonix title, it only seems fitting that they included a calibration to sync the visuals and audio if you are having difficulties. I applaud the desire to continue releasing games that can be classified in the music genre, as the almost yearly release of Rock Band became quite tiresome. Super Beat Sports shows they can still lead the way in innovation with rhythm-based titles with a colorful and charming spin. I was initially caught off guard on how sharp and clean the visuals look, both in portable mode and when docked.

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Super Beat Sports only really contains one game mode that is really worth playing, with the other four falling between "okay" and "boring".

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Super Beat Sports succeeds at doing something familiar but fresh with the rhythm genre and is a blast to play with friends.

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