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Available on:PCOct 16, 2017

Developer: Wolfire

Genre: Action

As a lightning-fast acrobatic ninja rabbit, you can choose how to approach each encounter. Do you want to pick off enemies one at a time like the killer in a slasher film? Dive into the thick of it and fight whole groups in a frontal assault? Steal the most powerful weapon you can find, and turn it on the rest?

If you die, there is never any load time; you can try again instantly! As your skills improve, you'll see that the game is not about winning. It's about experimenting to make the coolest action scenes that you can. Every design decision is made with that in mind, from the mouselook camera to the context-sensitive combat controls.

After completing the story modes, you can try out all the mods that players have created with the integrated editor! If you want to play as a human character in a city, or try a whole new campaign, or even fly around as a bat, there's probably already a mod that makes that happen.

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Overgrowth 1.0 - Wolfire Games

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Overgrowth Teaser Trailer

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5.7 / 10.0
Leif Johnson

The combat of Overgrowth is exhilaratingly fun with everything's working as it should, but that's not very often. You also have to get used to the wonky and weird way it interprets both combat strikes and landings. It's a shame that everything else about Overgrowth, whether it's the story, the level design, or even the physics system, feels undercooked. It's not hard to find some fun here, but it's fun you'll soon forget.

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PC Gamer

72 / 100
PC Gamer

Unique, frantic combat interspersed with mediocre platforming.

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6 / 10.0

That said, here's hoping Overgrowth may still yet become something special in the long run. But, as of right now, after all these years, the game was only interesting for me for a few hours and felt like more of a fun novelty, or a tech demo, than an actual video game. While the gameplay and mechanics here are solid and the physics engine is impressive, the campaign on the other hand is extremely disjointed, short, and uninteresting in terms of presentation. By the time I had completed both campaigns, twice over, it just left me wishing they made better use of it all.

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8 / 10.0
Ronald Goncalves

Overgrowth is, first and foremost, a singular experience. A game that brings something really unique, presenting an adventure that, even with multiple flaws, has an amusing combat system, great aesthetics and smooth platforming. Weird as many, fun as few.

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