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Creeping Terror

Aksys Games
Oct 31, 2017 - Nintendo 3DS, PC

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Critic Reviews for Creeping Terror

Creeping Terror is a short, serviceable title that pays tribute to a bygone era of horror gaming. That sentence is probably the nicest thing I can say about it.

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Creeping Terror is a fun pixelated game that won't make you jump, but will likely raise the hairs on the back of your neck. The overly simplistic gameplay is made up for by the excellent music and graphics, which work together to give you a creepy good time.

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Creeping Terror feels like your typical horror movie that one would watch to get a cheap, quick scare but proceed to forget about once it's over.

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Creeping Terror was unfortunately just a dull, uninteresting experience through and through. It did absolutely nothing to try and distinguish itself from other horror games, and that is abundantly clear from the first minute of gameplay. The only solid and well done part of the game is the flawless translation.

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I hadn't taken my 3DS out in a while, and I wouldn't recommend taking yours out for this one. Creeping Terror isn't a game devoid of any good moments, but it's one where they are so sparsely placed that it feels like you ended where you started, with the same questions.

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Creeping Terror's best quality is by far its impeccable production quality and graphics. Generic and uninteresting stalkers aside, the art direction and overall look of the game are incredible for a downloadable 3DS release. The very 'by the numbers' adventure gameplay is serviceable, and really the main event should have been the stalkers, but they are completely undermined by a lack of challenge and pushover difficulty. It is regretful because Creeping Terror could have been the definitive horror 3DS game since all the working pieces are present but are, ultimately, horribly implemented.

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Creeping Terror provides an impressively engaging campaign for a 2D horror game.

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To its credit, Creeping Terror has something of a unique premise in presenting the usual hide-from-the-horror gameplay in a 2D perspective. Unfortunately just about everything else that the game has to offer is pretty much what I expected from the genre.

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