Hyper Universe

Nexon America, CWAVESOFT, Inc.
Jan 17, 2018 - PC

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Hyper Universe Official Launch Trailer

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Hyper Universe - Get Hyped for Launch Trailer!

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What Is Hyper Universe?

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Critic Reviews for Hyper Universe

There is a lot to like about Hyper Universe barring that you're a MOBA fan and aren't averse to rehashing the same arena content as one does in competitive multiplayer games.  With a little practice and a lot of experimentation, battles can become frenzied and rewarding as you best your opponents and pile them underfoot.  With more to inevitably come with Hyper Universe and no entry fee to get started, you have nothing to lose in trying out Hyper Universe for yourself. Good luck out there hero, you're going to need it.Final Score: 7.7

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I feel Hyper Universe may fill an unrealized niche in the MOBA genre. The gameplay feels fresh, the controller support is an excellent perk, and for those tired of other MOBA games might find themselves falling quickly into Hyper's simple, free-to-play model. While yes, it's possible to go and buy equipment and Hypers, I'm never sure how much that may or may not imbalance overall gameplay. That being said, given some time and server tweaking to fix those crazy lag spikes and I think this game will continue to grow.

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Hyper Universe is good, it's worth trying it for sure. Just go in knowing its limits, there are a few more than you'd think at first glance.

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Zany, addictive, and playfully challenging, Hyper Universe is a free-to-play MOBA that combines action-packed combat and team-based strategic gameplay.

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I feel that Hyper Universe is a standout from the MOBA genre offering something fresh, exciting and just fun to play.

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There’s a general feeling that Hyper Universe could be a really good game, but it’s going to take time and investment to get there. Sadly, unless local servers become a thing (and lucky you if you have one), you’ll constantly be downed by people with better pings who can react better and win encounters more consistently.

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