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Rogue Aces

Curve Digital, Infinite State Games
Apr 12, 2018 - PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5

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8 / 10
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Rogue Aces | Announcement Trailer | PS4 thumbnail

Rogue Aces | Announcement Trailer | PS4

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Critic Reviews for Rogue Aces

This is the arcade game the 12-year-old version of you was always meant to play. Fast, frantic, outrageously challenging and with the sort of free-form play that requires and rewards player creativity. Infinite State Games have created something very special here. I'll see you in the skies, just try and beat my high score.

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An interesting propoosal that manages to be different to any other game on its genre while still being fun. It's a shame that the fun doesn't last longer...

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A challenging but ultimately compelling airborne shooter, Rogue Aces soars where it counts.

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Clear off the Switch's runway, and bring Rogue Aces in for a landing – this is one game that deserves a place in your library.

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Rogue Aces is a stellar, fresh experience - even more so if you never played spiritual forerunner Wings of Fury - that has landed on the Switch eShop seemingly out of nowhere. It not only delivers an audio-visual treat but also an overwhelmingly entertaining stimulation of the senses thanks to the frenetic aerial ballets you will take part in. Easy to pickup but devilishly hard to walk away from, Rogue Aces demands just the right amount of arcade shmup skills and strategic planing with the odd lucky break when something just works out. All of this is complimented by some excellent humour in the form of audio quips from your Captain, the enemy Baron aces and the one-liners from ally pilots. Kick the tires and light the fires, fellow Switch pilots; this war won't be winning itself with you sitting pretty on that carrier deck.

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I have to say that I have had a lot of fun with Rogue Aces. It's not the kind of game where you will be playing it for hours at a time, though you could and may start that way. It's the perfect game to take out and about with you and have a 5-10 minute blast on.

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Overall, this is a pick-up and go type of addition for the Nintendo Switch. It's available on other platforms, but most gamers will find it's best on the go. Strong artwork, mechanics, and cleanliness of the title make it extremely polished, but the lack of depth made it hard for me to want to put any more than a couple hours into Rogue Aces.

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A lot of 2D shooters lean on being "cool" with over-the-top visuals and millions of bullets on-screen, but Rogue Aces instead goes for a lighter tone and places the emphasis squarely on the oldest, most reliable thing in the video game industry: perfect play control.

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