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Available on:Oculus RiftAug 2, 2018
HTC ViveAug 2, 2018

Developer: Skydance Interactive

Genre: Vehicle Combat

Archangel Hellfire is the unholy union of god-like mech weaponry and infernal team deathmatch gameplay. Pilot massive weapons of destruction, armed to the teeth, and war on post-apocalyptic lands in this free-roaming shooter. Need a break from PvP? Team up against HUMNX in the Coop Mech Assault mode (1-4 P) or explore life before all-out war ignited and battle waves of enemies in the award winning solo campaign. Ready, pilots? Enlist and get into a mech today! FEATURES: 6 Building-sized Mechs: Climb into six different state-of-the-art mechs 13 Powerful Weapon Systems: Unload an arsenal of arm-mounted artillery 6 Special Abilities: Singularity Beam, Invisibility, Death from Above and more... 4 Unforgiving Maps: Blast the destructible terrain into pieces. 1 Award-winning Solo Campaign: Explore what fueled The Great Mech Wars Team Deathmatch (2v2 and 1v1 PvP): Who reigns Hellfire? Decide by Deathmatch Coop Mech Assault (1-4 players): Battle waves of enemy mechs with friends Tactile cockpit controls: Roam free, and fight to win with full control of your mech


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Expanding on the foundation of the single player experience, Archangel Hellfire completes the package by adding an excellent PvP mode, and an interesting if somewhat short Co-op experience. With the promise of additional maps on the way, Hellfire breathes new life into this title.

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As a free-to-play game, the PvP version of the online multiplayer Mech-based battle arena Archangel:Hellfire is an obvious must-have for fans of the mech genre. The co-op version requires the purchase of the Archangel single-player campaign, but that too is a pretty good deal. While the campaign is a rail shooter, which won't please players that prefer to have a bit more control over the path they take, it is quite good too. The co-op battles are a lot of fun, but an inefficient means of setting up the gaming sessions can be burdensome.

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Archangel: Hellfire may be exactly up your alley if you're looking for a pick-up-and-play VR shooter.

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ArchAngel: Hellfire does a good job with PvP. The maps are nice, the mechs and controls are solid, and there isn't a lot to dislike about what Skydance Interactive put together. I will say that the co-op isn't as interesting as the PvP, but that's not the reason you will want to play Hellfire. Hopefully more updates in the future will improve upon this solid groundwork.

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