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Quest for Infamy

Phoenix Online Publishing, Infamous Quests
Jul 10, 2014 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Quest for Infamy

Quest for Infamy is a near perfect recreation of point-and-click adventure games of the past. Featuring hilarious dialogue, immature humor, a variety of locations to explore, some clever (and some frustrating) puzzles, and a decently long campaign with an interesting story to unravel. Game breaking bugs and a few of the genre's persistent issues, such as frustrating design and confusion as to where to go or what to do next, do present themselves and in this modern era are far harder to forgive. Still, Quest for Infamy is fun, funny, and worth giving a shot.

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Unlikely to live in infamy. Quest for Infamy is a reasonable attempt at making a Quest for Glory game, but it's let down by dull combat and puzzle design.

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With enough choice to make it feel real and human, the player will find no shortage of dastardly deeds and hilarious moments to make playing through to the end worthwhile.

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A lovingly-crafted though flawed adventure in the Sierra mold.

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Quest for Infamy is an excellent outing for fans of those old-school, point-and-click fantasy games of yesteryear. It's packed full of missions, side-quests, and things to discover, albeit a little bare. The writing and characters breathe so much life and comedy into this game that you can't help but have a merry old time with Mister Roehm.

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Quest for Infamy is, for better or for worse, a love letter and modern re-imagining of the classic Quest for Glory and even King's Quest games from the golden age of PC adventure gaming.

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It's a decent price for what it is too so if you loved the classics, give this a try. If you are too young to remember the classics… but like the idea of being a bit of a rogue amongst some pretty painterly scenery… grab a copy.

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It's a shame that Infamy devolves into such juvenile practices as there are some nice flourishes on display – for instance, the hand-drawn aesthetic lends a quaint, homely feel to adventuring that feels refreshing in light of the grandeur that western RPGs typically strive for – yet it's impossible to root for a game that makes such a critical misstep.

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