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Shadows: Awakening

Games Farm, Kalypso
Aug 31, 2018 - PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Shadows Awakening - Gameplay Trailer (US)

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Critic Reviews for Shadows: Awakening

It might lack the decision making aspect of the RPG genre but, beyond that, Shadows: Awakening is an amazing game. The great mechanic of having multiple protagonists in one avatar makes every combat tactical in a distinguishbly way, which is tied to an adictive playable structure , an interesting history and a dense amount of content to create a epic adventure

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Shadows: Awakening ultimately fails to be the action RPG that fans of the genre need. It has some interesting ideas and decent writing, but the story shifts to the backburner after a while and the side missions and combat aren't enough to maintain interest through the grind it turns into. It's not bad, it's just not particularly inspiring either. If you need a new diablo-like and a lack of polish or a glut of grind doesn't bother you, there are definitely worse options out there.

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A great game for western role-playing fans. Fun, with an interesting plot and full of details. Lots of hours of gameplay and a lovely Diablo style.

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Shadows: Awakening provides an excellent starting point for players new to the Heretic Kingdoms saga.

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Technical issues aside, I greatly enjoyed my time in the Heretic Kingdoms. The hack-n-slash combat with puppeteering strategies always felt fresh, the enemies always presented a challenge on the Normal difficulty, and I never got tired of the vast exploration and puzzle solving. Playing again is inevitable for me, as I'm really curious how much choices affect the puppets and the world around me. I played the goody-two-shoes route this time, by not making pacts with other demons and offering to help everyone under the sun. But I can't help but wonder how differently the game would go if I played as Vlad the Heartless. How would that help me unlock puppets I missed this time? How would it change the already chaotic world? Does it have as many ending varieties as Dungeon Siege III? I also can't help but wonder about the backstories for the other soul puppets I didn't choose. With all of that replayability bubbling under the surface, it's nigh impossible to not recommend Shadows: Awakening to all hack-n-slash RPG fans, especially those who never tire of the tried and true Diablo III formula.

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Shadows: Awakening is a damn good action-RPG. The combat is quick and varied while the characters are interesting. While the story lacks originality, it is still well written and allows the different characters to shine. There are a lot of different elements at play, and they all work together to create a fantastic experience.

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One of the better dungeon crawlers out there right now, Shadows: Awakening's dimension hopping gameplay help separate it from other efforts in the genre.

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Shadows: Awakening is a deep action RPG which brings a literal new dimension to the tried and tested Diablo format. It's a great choice for those looking for a meaty fantasy time-sink, and while it does stumble occasionally, it delivers many hours of engaging hack-'n'-slash gaming.

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