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Moonfall Ultimate

Fishcow Studio, Wales Interactive
Sep 4, 2018 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Moonfall Ultimate

The result of merging together Diablo and Golden Axe should have been brilliant. It's a shame then that Moonfall Ultimate falls a long way short of that expectation. With more of a focus on explosive arcade combat this could have been a fun diversion, as it stands however there's far too many frustrating issues to see you to the end of its limited run time.

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Moonfall Ultimate is a 2D hack and slash that draws inspiration from a wide variety of games, including several not necessarily of its genre. Unfortunately it doesn't manage to reach an even remotely comparable level to any of them, and despite a decent plot, Moonfall Ultimate has very little to go for it when it comes to gameplay mechanics, combat experience and overall involvement of the player.

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Its simple animations, its strange and crude gameplay try to bring something to the genre, but it doesn't succeed.

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Like so many action-RPGs before it, Moonfall Ultimate is driven by the minutia of its combat model, but considering battles often rely on one attack (regardless of weapon) and a handful of special moves, you're left feeling oddly unempowered and frustratingly disconnected. There's your usual mix of quests to undertake, various medieval-style locations to explore and loot to collect, but none of it ever offers an interpretation you haven't seen done better elsewhere; while the game calls upon the likes of Golden Axe and Dungeons & Dragons for inspiration, it never hits the same heights. A serviceable experience, but one that won't linger in the memory for long.

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Moonfall Ultimate is a new version of the RPG game launched in 2015, however its mechanic and artistic side do not show any particular improvement or originality. The narration is totally typical of the fantasy genre and the gameplay shows many bugs and problems while playing. In conclusion this work could have been better done.

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There are not a lot of lovely things to say about Moonfall Ultimate. The game is full of minor and major issues and fails to entertain the player. Numerous bugs and glitches, control problems and lack of creativity have made this game an unpleasant experience.

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That fleeting moment of fun was solitary, and not indicative of the overall experience I left with. Moonfall Ultimate has the framework for what could have been a better game if given more time to iron-out its strange difficulty scaling, slippery and unresponsive controls, and oddly enough, spell-checking. With a partner and expectations set properly, it could be a suitable rainy-day game, but I cannot recommend it to a solitary soldier.

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It's quite possible these issues might get resolved in a future patch, but for now, they're part of the package, and it's not clear how easily a patch could fix all of them. Solving the co-op problem and fixing some of the glitches are certainly feasible, but some of the more fundamental problems— the graphics, the gameplay, the hit detection— may be more elusive. In the end, Moonfall Ultimate is a game that is, regardless of the title, anything but ultimate, at least right now.

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