Immortal: Unchained Reviews

Immortal: Unchained is ranked in the 12th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
7 / 10
Sep 12, 2018

Immortal: Unchained is a fun and challenging third-person action RPG Souls-like on PS4 that you're going to enjoy if you're a fan of this new genre. There is no difficulty setting so all players need to be on high alert as they explore each area, so that death is not as frequent and you can start to build up a powerhouse with the bits you collect to upgrade the Prisoner so that you can save the universe!

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8 / 10.0
Sep 16, 2018

After playing Immortal Unchained for over 35 hours, i must say that it is one of my best experience of a souls-like game. Developers of the game are so brave that took a risk to create a shooter based on Souls elements and rules, and it is a start for "shooter souls-like" games, but the first one is always the most important one. despite of many issues in technical, difficulty balance and boss fight design, Immortal Unchained is fun enough to entertain a veteran souls-fan for over 35 hours. But the most important point about playing Immortal Unchained is that "if you want to see the real potential of Immortal Unchained and feel the points that i spoke about, you must play it 3-4 hours at least, because in the first 1-2 hours, the game felt some weird, but after 3-4 hours, it shows you its depth, little by little. You can't judge a game with 40 hours content, based on its first hour and give it a 4!!

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70 / 100
Sep 10, 2018

Immortal Unchained joins the family created by From Software and does so with the intention of considering something capable of offering us a unique nature: combat by means of firearms. An interesting title, capable of frustrating the most experienced and that has good ideas, although not all are well executed. If you like challenges, don't hesitate to give it a try.

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2 / 10
Aug 12, 2019

Immortal: Unchained only wants to feed on big brands such as Bloodborne, Dark Souls or The Surge. But the developers couldn't understand what makes these titles so special and entertaining. The Xbox One version is pulled down by technical problems. We recommend the title for two out of ten points. It would be better for you to wait a few months for a better hardcore action RPG.

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Oct 24, 2018

Immortal Unchained is really a mess of a game. It has some good points and bad points. I really wanted to enjoy it, but it’s clunky controls, repetitive gameplay and mediocre content left me just wanting to forget about the whole experience.

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Sep 8, 2018

Immortal: Unchained takes the Souls formula and applies a sci-fi setting with an interesting focus on ranged combat rather than the genre's usual melee spotlight. Unfortunately it's let down by numerous bad design decisions, and a major lack of polish throughout, alongside plenty of frustrating elements. It's not a terrible game, it's just not a great one either.

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7 / 10.0
Oct 8, 2018

A solid game in need of some better balancing, Immortal can be unfair but it’s still worth a play for Souls fans.

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5.3 / 10.0
Sep 21, 2018

Immortal: Unchained has a long way to go and though this may have been its full release, it really should still be in Beta as they tweak the engine to provide some semblance of the promised third-person shooter/hardcore action-RPG.

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Oct 3, 2018

Immortal Unchained has aspirations of becoming the next Dark Souls, but clunky controls and sub-par combat prevent the game from even getting close to that lofty goal.

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5 / 10.0
Sep 10, 2018

A rather humdrum, err, Hyper Light Drifter clone, that falls just short of being one of the best RPGs of 2018.

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8 / 10.0
Sep 9, 2018

Immortal: Unchained is a bold experiment that paid off in the end. Besides some small technical issues and a sometimes terrible aim tracking mechanic you'll get a solid Third-Person-Shooter with the Souslike elements we know and love integrated. The depth and fascination of Dark Souls is mostly missing but this game has potential to create and fill a new niche in the Action RPG Genre.

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