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Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit

Sep 13, 2018 - Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit

Labo's newest kit features much more gameplay than its predecessor, but it's still best enjoyed with a junior partner in tow.

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It speaks volumes for the future of Labo and everything it has to offer, especially since there's a limitless world of possibilities as to what could possibly come next. It looks like, for now, Nintendo has nailed the vehicular aspects, however, and I can't wait to see the next project that comes through the finish line.

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The third Labo kit is perhaps the best one yet; it offers a solid building experience and a genuinely entertaining way to control three distinct modes of transport, as well as a fleshed-out gameworld which is not only packed with things to do, but is augmented by a range of mini-game modes which will provide many hours of enjoyment – although the multi-player ones require you to have a second Vehicle Kit to hand, which might not be feasible for everyone.

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The Labo Vehicle Kit is a meticulously designed and often fascinating building experience. The Toy-Con models fit together perfectly and encourage curiosity within anyone who engages with them. While the gaming element is an improvement over previous Labo Kits, it's not going to suck you in for countless hours. As an intriguing way to while away the hours over a weekend, the Labo Vehicle Kit shines, but don't expect much more unless you're planning to flex your creative muscles in the Toy-Con Garage.

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The Labo Vehicle Kit is a remarkable craft kit and game that lets you build your own steering wheel, joystick, and even submarine controls to control vehicles on your Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo News

Unknown Author
6 / 10.0
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While the Vehicle kit is no show-stopper, Nintendo Labo is still surprising us in very fun and clever ways. It might not be everyone’s calling, but there’s no limit to creativity. We just can’t wait to see what’s next.

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Another cardboard kit for Nintendo Switch puts children in the driver's seat of a car, submarine and plane. And it is fun.

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Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit is the most challenging and intriguing to piece together so far, and the set that has the most longevity - their software/adventure pieces may not be the most in-depth RPG/open-world fest, but it's fun and puts the kit to good use. The wheel and joystick, in particular, are what's likely to carry momentum going forward - the Toy-Con that could easily be applied to future games and concepts.

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