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Interdimensional Games Inc
Jan 8, 2014 - PC

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7.2 / 10
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Consortium: The Tower -- Gameplay Teaser Trailer thumbnail

Consortium: The Tower -- Gameplay Teaser Trailer

Critic Reviews for CONSORTIUM

Consortium is a game of great ideas in search of a story that deserves them.

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Much more than just a homage, Consortium might be rough around the edges but the dialogue system and freedom of choice rivals that of any other game.

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Consortium is a fun story-driven sci-fi role-playing game with some first-person shooter elements, but bugs and glitches mar the experience.

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Simply running about the ship, crawling through its underbelly, and chatting up the fully-voiced (mostly well) crew make up the bulk of Consortium. It's a nice change of pace for anyone who wants that older style of RPG where you learn about someone's mom who is suffering from Alzheimer's, argue whether or not videogames are insulting "murder simulators," and are exposed to suspicious organized religion.

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A brilliant premise is undercut by short play time, poor combat and many bugs.

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Consortium is an ingeniously subversive gem, containing enough backstory to fill a Triple-A trilogy while focusing exclusively on an airship crew in distress. The execution is a little clunky at times, but Consortium still has the charm and depth to encourage multiple playthroughs as we wait for the sequel.

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Consortium is a tragedy. There's an extremely clever game to be found within, but only when it works. It's just the first part of a planned trilogy, and I have so many questions that I won't be able to help myself, I need to play the second part. But I can only hope that it's not held together by chewing gum and sellotape again.

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Consortium aims high, probably beyond the scope of what is reasonable for a game of this scale, but the experience is very enjoyable, if a bit short lived. Mechanically, there isn't much that's all that impressive, but from a storytelling standpoint, Consortium is a notable achievement.

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