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Falcon Development
Dec 1, 2017 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Cattails

Cattails is a big surprise. A game that initially looks extremely simple but that deep down hides lots of mechanics, systems and high quality content that can keep us playing for dozens of hours. Despite some flaws, it's an easy-to-recommend experience!

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Cattails is a cute, light-hearted RPG that revolves around hunting, foraging, and trying to restore the Forest Guardian. The gameplay is easy to pick up and play at any time, but can become a bit monotonous after awhile. The game isn't very exciting, and is meant more for relaxing gaming.

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Cattails is a surprisingly-polished and well-made game for a little indie title.

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The visuals may be basic, but they work perfectly well for what the game tries to do. The music is delightful and a real boon to the feelings that the game evokes. Cattails is a game that you should consider adding to your library whether you are a cat lover or not.

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Cattails doesn't quite reach the heights of the titans it attempts to mimic. Despite its flaws and shortcomings, it remains a compelling enough adventure survival simulator - one that cat lovers in particular will find plenty of joy playing.

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A few rough edges do little to disturb the tranquillity Cattails lulls you into with its fun mechanics, cheerful writing and lovely soundtrack. Despite the conflict at its heart, you could happily while away hours frolicking in the fields, catching butterflies and chatting with your feline chums. If you're after something light-hearted to relax with until Animal Crossing arrives next year, this fits the bill very nicely.

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This is really Stardew Valley but with cats, and that's an adorable and cute experience. It might not have the longevity of that and other farming games, but it has more heart than the majority of those games. This is a chill romp through a relaxing world that is best experienced by someone who just wants to take their time and smell the catnip.

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The best parts of Cattails are when you're just getting to take in the scenery, hunting some field mice, and then chatting with other cats. There's so much charm in the sprite work and dialogue, so it's all the more disappointing when you're cast into dull combat exchanges simply because a RPG needs fighting. Some variance from the traditional survival game design would've been appreciated, as it stands as a charming survival title that can't quite measure up to the best in the genre. Still, you can do far worse, and who will really complain about getting to be a cat for a while?

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