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Pixel Maniacs
Feb 19, 2019 - PlayStation VR

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Metro GameCentral
5 / 10
PlayStation LifeStyle
7 / 10
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3.5 / 5
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Metro GameCentral

Unknown Author
5 / 10
Metro GameCentral

The imaginative puzzles occasionally come close to replicating the genius of Portal but the bad jokes and repetitive gameplay make this a poor substitute for the real thing.

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ChromaGun VR feels like the form the game should have launched in from the start. The campaign is only a handful of hours, which is about the same amount of time most people can handle VR in its current state. The Aim Controller works quite well in this (mostly) non-violent puzzle shooter, even if lefties have to adapt to the control scheme. Still, an undo function could've saved players from some frustration when they either misfire or accidentally use the wrong color. ChromaGun VR is a funny, occasionally challenging first-person puzzler, and one that is enhanced in VR.

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ChromaGun VR doesn't do much to improve on 2015's puzzle shooter, and the game takes a hit both visually and in performance in its attempt. The mechanics work fine, but bland repetition of puzzle elements only hit a few primary colors rather than the rainbow of features to keep this an engaging experience all the way through. If you haven't played ChromaGun yet, this may be the way to experience it, but otherwise, you're fine with sticking to the original version.

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ChromaGun is fun, very immersive and tactile, especially when using the Aim controller. The tracking is great and puzzle design is creative. Despite the sound design getting repetitive and the plain aesthetic wearing thin, overall I enjoyed my time with this neat little puzzler.

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All things said and done, ChromaGun is a solid game with decent puzzle elements. It has it’s flaws but all things said and done is nicely enough executed. It certainly is worth the play for the puzzles alone.

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If you're looking for a colourful VR puzzler in the same vein as Portal then you can't do much better than ChromaGun VR.

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Despite the obvious influences, ChromaGun VR is a solid VR puzzle game which will get you thinking. The game feels like it was made for VR, even though it came out over a year ago as a flat PS4 title. The puzzles were entertaining and challenging the further into the game you got, with the constant threat of rogue balls waiting to follow you and squish the life out of you should you wake them up. I did suffer from a burst of motion sickness using the new smooth turning method, but I can’t guarantee if that was the game or the previous game which may have left me feeling a little queasy. As such, there are a few comfort and accessibility options missing such as blinders and subtitles, but these can be added post-launch if enough people request them I guess.

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While the core of ChromaGun hasn’t changed since 2017, with ChromaGun VR it’s a vastly more enjoyable and immersive experience, almost as if this was its natural home. While there’s still some frustrations around puzzleS being able to become unsolvable with a simple misfire, potentially throwing away 10 minutes of progress, other frustrations have been cast aside thanks to the VR control methods. As far as I’m concerned, ChromaGun VR is the definitive way to experience this game.

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