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Available on:Nintendo 3DSMar 8, 2019

Developer: Good-Feel

Publisher: Nintendo

SEAMLESS KIRBY FUN FOR ALL! Join Kirby on a whimsical quest to save Patch Land in Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn, only for Nintendo 3DS family systems! Use our hero’s new-found yarn powers and enjoy a relaxing adventure through a fantastical patchwork world, made of different fabrics. After Kirby eats a mysterious fluffy tomato, he finds himself in an unfamiliar world, where everything is made of yarn! He soon spots trouble and saves a young lad being chased by a monster. This boy turns out to be Prince Fluff, the prince of Patch Land, who tells his rescuer about Yin-Yarn, the evil sorcerer who split the land into seven pieces and whisked Kirby away from home. To aid his new pal, Kirby agrees to help repair the kingdom, and sock it to that nasty magician! Let’s get exploring! Play two brand new mini-games, starring familiar Dream Land faces King Dedede and Meta Knight. Experiment with new Ravel Abilities to summon bombs made of buttons or fight with a wire sword. If you’re looking for a challenge, turn up the heat with Devilish Mode! Check out what’s new As well as transforming, Kirby can use the Yarn Whip! This magical piece of string lets you unravel enemies, or turn baddies into balls of yarn that you can throw around. He can even whip away a foe’s weapon and turn it into a special yarn ball, like one that can hit multiple enemies. The Yarn Whip can also interact with the fabric that holds Patch Land together. Kirby can swing to new places by grabbing onto buttons in the background, or pull down platforms high up in the air. You can even unzip hidden places by pulling on magic zippers. Don’t be afraid to tug on any loose bits of string you see hanging around! Need a rest from your adventure? Head to Quilty Square and help Kirby decorate his very own flat! Find Furniture hidden within levels or buy Objects from shops in the square, and you can spruce up Kirby’s Flat however you’d like. As you save more of Patch Land, new flats will open up in the block. Fix up these empty apartments and new people will move in, bringing with them extra challenges for Kirby to complete. You can even share your designs via StreetPass! Up to three flats can be shared with others, so show off your coolest creations. Let’s have a look at what makes this yarn “Extra Epic” Meta Knight and King Dedede join in on the fun with two mini-games, available as soon as you start Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn. Get top marks in these mini-games and you’ll be rewarded with Mats, perfect for making Kirby’s Flat nice and cosy.

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Metro GameCentral

Unknown Author
7 / 10
Metro GameCentral

One of the best Kirby games becomes frayed around the edges on the 3DS, with no co-op mode and some poorly thought out extras that would be better off left out.

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Extra Epic Yarn stitches new content into a nine-year-old platformer and throws it onto 3DS, creating the best version of Kirby's adventure into Patch Land.

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It’s easy to look at Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn and still see the same whimsically inventive game Nintendo and Good-Feel gave us nearly nine years ago. The cherished basic formula is still there and it’s as charming as ever. Most of the new content only adds to what is otherwise a fantastic experience

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Kirby Extra Epic Yarn follow the steps from other recent 3DS ports like Luigi's Mansion: pick up the original game, add minor extras... and enjoy a second life. An idea that seems fair to us, if it's nicely done, as is the case. Maybe the new content falls short, but the original game was very enjoyable... and it keeps delivering.

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