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Space War Arena

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchFeb 28, 2019

Publisher: Playchemy

Genres: Action, Strategy

Welcome to Space War Arena! Build an armada from 30 different types of evolving units, unleash your cunning, adapt to the enemy, and command your fleet in epic AI encounters or vicious same-screen multiplayer. Engage! Epic Space Battles - Enter a universe of exciting real-time space battles that are accessible, but deeply strategic. Think quickly and deploy the right units at the right time, manipulating their launch trajectories for added tactical depth. Deck Building - Mix and match over 20 types of units and experiment with different play styles as you progress and take your squadrons into battle. Deal out and deal with nimble fighters, sweeping lasers, drone factories, and atomic warheads. Solo Campaign - Liberate the galaxy in spectacular battles against AI masterminds. A solo campaign pits you against a variety of configurations and scenarios, charging would-be commanders to upgrade their fleets and become masters of all they behold. Online play coming soon!

Space War Arena Critic Reviews

Space War Arena is a game that may look casual but in truth is fully equipped for a much deeper level of play. It gets off to a pretty slow start, and I do wish I could have more direct control over my units in the field or alternatively that their AI was a little more robust. Regardless, Space War Arena is a fantastic game to play on the go, even without the joycons attached to your Switch.

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Space War Arena quietly makes a name for itself on a platform which isn’t home to many similar experiences.

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All in all, I did enjoy my time with Space War Arena. It wasn’t perfect, but for $14.99 this is a very solid and enjoyable game. Though I would have loved a few things to be different, I’d say this is an easy recommendation to any strategy fan. Granted, the game isn’t for everybody. But if you want a complex yet simple game that’s easy to play in quick bursts, then Space War Arena is the game for you.

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