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Available on:Nintendo SwitchAug 1, 2019

Publisher: D3 PUBLISHER

Genre: Adventure

D3 Publisher are at it again with another rogue-like dungeon RPG - equipped with a new sexy "chest-expanding" Oppai mechanic! Matrix Software will handle development while character design will be handled by Wadatsumi. The titular mechanic 'Omega Power' affects the chest size of the characters you control, gradually increasing the size over time. As your character's chest size increases, so will their status, and when your status reaches its maximum potential 'Hatsumune Mode' will be triggered! As you fight and explore your way through dungeons you'll earn points that be used to earn new items. In order to know the details about items you've obtained you'll need to have them appraised through the game's unique 'Oppai Appraisal' system, which consists of placing said item between the character's breasts and jiggling them, thus revealing the item's true nature. Players can choose two characters to explore dungeons with - the leader and a partner. The caveat is that if you die in the dungeon both characters' equipment will be lost in true rogue-like fashion. - Faint in Agony Flowering System - Includes only Normal illustrations. Scenes are skipped after the Normal illustrations are displayed (players acquire a fixed amount of experience points) - Oppai Appraisal System - Does not support illustrations. After performing an Oppai Appraisal, the scene automatically skips (the object placed in between the breasts does not appear in the game) - Oppai Rock-Paper-Scissors System - Play rock-paper-scissors with Labyrinth Life-exclusive scenes - Hot Springs Events - Includes every character's hot springs illustration (the amount of steam in the illustrations is partially different from Omega Labyrinth Life). Includes the Illustration Zoom-In / Zoom-Out feature

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Whether or not the fanservice is too much for players or just a natural evolution of the boundary-pushing booby game genre, one thing that is certain about Omega Labyrinth Life is that it is not that good. The dungeon crawling, which is how you'll spend about 75% of your time with the game, simply isn't up to snuff with its contemporaries and tending to the Grand Garden lacks the depth an activity like that should have. It's just a top-to-bottom boring experience, and no amount of lady spray on my Switch screen can change that.

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Omega Labyrinth Life is a Whopper of a game – delicious and juicy on the poster, but it's really just salt and stodge. If you're after some decent dungeon-crawling filler, it certainly does the job and there's pleasure to be had, but there are far cheaper, more adventurous meals on Switch eShop that are ultimately more satisfying and won't leaving you feeling mildly guilty. If you're a curious onlooker whose interest is piqued, we'd wait for a sale; fanservice isn't enough to justify the asking price at launch for anybody but diehard Omega Labyrinth devotees.

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It's a shame that Labyrinth Life didn't choose to go the route of Criminal Girls 2, where it released with mini-games in tact but had artwork that was redrawn by the original Japanese team to be a bit less smutty. Releasing the game without many of the naughty mini-games means that you see it for what it truly is; an uninspiring dungeon crawler that, apart from the challenge dungeons, is a bit of a dull slog to play through.

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The Outerhaven Productions

William "Shadowz" Kok
The Outerhaven Productions

Omega Labyrinth Life is as niche as it gets. Even with this game being a clear example of the changes in the recent gaming climate, it is a solid product and Dungeon Crawler, Rouge-Like. It does have its flaws, such as basic models and some few quality of life issues like its menus and traversing the campus of the academy. If you are looking to add another fan-service title for the Nintendo Switch library, then this is a solid addition to the collection. The game knows you want service, and it offers it in spades. Enjoy your stay at the academy.

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