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Aug 12, 2019 - PC

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Eliza, by Zachtronics - Release Trailer

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Eliza, by Zachtronics - Teaser Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Eliza

Zachtronics make a detour from its puzzle game destiny with the visual novel Eliza. It's slick in its design, though shy on the big choices you might expect from most visual novels. Still, packed with a stellar solitaire minigame, impressive voice acting, and one of the most prescient narratives I've seen in games, if you're a fan at all of interactive stories that'll have you gripped from start to finish, Eliza is it.

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Eliza is a poignant, well-presented tale about how even technology created to help people can be harmful when it replaces human connection. Rather than demonizing technology, though, Eliza is a paean to compassion, communication, and all the varied ways people can lift each other up.

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Better options exist, but few have tackled such a fascinating premise and philosophical queries.

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Expect to spend about five hours playing through the story of Eliza, assuming that the solitaire minigame doesn’t end up becoming much of a distraction.

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Ultimately, Eliza is a fantastic experience. It dives deep into subjects which aren’t often talked about openly, and does so with expert attention to detail. It is a biting commentary on our reliance on technology in the modern world, and does not use kid gloves while doing so. Along with technology, it is a wonderfully executed think piece on mental health, and what it is like for everyday people to be afflicted by mental illness.

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A truly intelligent game with an engaging story and a really clever way of telling it that enhances its deep message.

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Eliza doesn’t stand out unlike other Zachtronics games, but it is enjoyable for its story and thoughts. It’s not bad but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who isn’t already a huge fan of Visual Novels.

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I came out of Eliza with the sense that I'd been on a journey of juggling grief, hope, and joy through the existential dread that is living a modern, tech-filled life. And for that reason, I recommend this visual novel as a must-play experience.

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