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Green Hell

Creepy Jar
Sep 5, 2019 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Green Hell


Steve C
9 / 10

Green Hell is a fantastic survival experience with an exemplary sense of place and peril. Creepy Jar have really nailed the feeling of loneliness and despair that true isolation would lead to and married this to some well balanced challenges and a refreshingly user friendly approach. The range of ways to play are really welcome and should ensure that even those players who may be turned off by the rigours of hunger and thirst mechanics can enjoy the immersive jungle experience. This may not be a welcoming jungle, but there's plenty of fun and games to be had.

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Green Hell is one of the most suitable survival experiences for the most experienced players of the genre. This title focuses its mechanics on realism, making it as immersive as possible. Without having invented anything new, the truth is that the varied history mode gives that unique touch in the genre. Despite some of its technical problems, this title is a remarkable game to add to our collection.

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Green Hell is the best survival game I've played since The Long Dark. It respects your time, doesn't treat you like an idiot, and expects you to learn from your mistakes.

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A different kind of survival sandbox, Green Hell's anchoring in a contemporary place together with its narrative help to separate it from its more aimless seeming brethren. Though some additional polish is required, Green Hell nonetheless is still one of the better survival sandbox experiences to come along in a good while.

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I’ll be playing Green Hell for a long time to come. With multiple modes, including multiplayer options and different difficulty settings, there’s a lot of fun to be had here. Its world is beautiful, albeit a bit rough around the edges. But I can’t imagine it’ll be long before we see things fixed up. It’s not like the bar has been set very high, but for what it’s worth, Green Hell is the best survival game I’ve ever played.

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If games like The Forest were up your alley, I do recommend giving Green Hell a shot. However, if you’re easily frustrated by obscure deaths vs trial and error, I’d recommend starting out at the easier difficulty so you can enjoy what it has to offer without needing to wrestle in frustration.

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Green Hell is a wild and spectacular indie survival because there is so much to do and a lot to risk at every step. It has intriguing mechanics, solid gameplay and extreme realism that blend well with the deadly Amazonian context, forcing the player to engage himself to not dying every 15 minutes. Some minor bugs and technical issues cannot ruin one of the most exciting experiences on the survival scene.

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Green Hell is a brutally tough, deep and satisfying open-world survival sim. It suffers from the same inherent repetition and often infuriating difficulty as most other examples of its genre, but these are problems offset here by satisfying crafting and construction systems, clever smartwatch and body inspection elements and a story mode that easily trumps the vast majority of offerings we've come across in a survival sim. If you can make peace with the Switch's graphical downgrade, missing multiplayer aspect and some minor control issues, what's here is sure to satiate any cravings you may have for some seriously tough survival sim shenanigans.

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