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Jenny LeClue - Detectivu

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General Information

Available on:PCSep 19, 2019

Developer: Mografi

Genres: Interactive Story, Adventure

Jenny LeClue is a thrilling story of mystery, adventure and growing up. Set in the sleepy town of Arthurton, the game is filled with memorable, complex characters and rendered in a unique aesthetic. Embrace the choosiness and shape the metanarrative. You are not the only guiding hand shaping Jenny’s destiny, but your choices will help her unravel the tangled mystery and become the detective she was born to be. Jenny gets more than she bargains for when her mother is accused of murder, and begins an unexpected journey to find the truth. She soon discovers the idyllic town of Arthurton is not what it seems, and unseen forces will stop at nothing to keep Jenny from the truth. She will need all her skills of deduction to find the real killer and clear her mother’s name. A pocket-sized heroine on a big quest for justice: Jenny is a brilliant young detective, sharp eyed, intuitive and a ruthless pursuer of the truth. She is able to look around during dialogue scenes, observing the subject for visible clues that might reveal their guilt or innocence that would otherwise go undetected. A beautiful handmade world, packed with secrets: A sleek, gorgeous hand drawn world with vintage mid-20th century aesthetics and mystery squished into every corner. There’s so much to interact with, and players who poke and prod at every last thing are rewarded with insight, secrets, and humor. A story within a story, where your choosiness matters: Jenny LeClue weaves a rich metanarrative around a rich story exploring themes of family, loss, and identity. The "author" of Jenny's adventures, Arthur K Finklestein, acts as narrator and guide, but his presence also allows you to make choices that change the way Jenny's story is written. These choices may even affect Finklestein’s own story. A Diverse Cast Of Characters & Locations: Explore Arthurton’s expansive world including the abandoned mines, the forgotten graveyard, Lake Noware, and Gumboldt's Library. Jenny will meet an array of intriguing and suspicious characters who could help or hinder her on her quest for the truth.

Jenny LeClue - Detectivu Reviews

A visually stunning game, belying its origins as a creation of two animators, alongside some delightful writing, weaving a complexity of narrative that completely surprised me. But one that offers the player far too little actual investigating, and in the end, far too much tiresome wandering.

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9 / 10

Jenny LeClue - Detectivu is a great story with colorful characters and addictive gameplay, which ends at the most interesting place. And how long we will have to wait for the continuation and whether it will be at all – no one knows. This is the only thing that upsets, because once you play it, you will definitely want more.

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As the first part of a series, Jenny LeClue: Detectivu makes a great initial impression. The actual detective work strikes a balance between thought-provoking and easy to figure out. The presentation is wonderful, even if the audio could have fared better. It is the story that keeps you hooked with a flawed but likeable main character and a layered, supporting cast. It culminates in a story where the lack of a proper ending is the only thing that sours the experience. Provided that the team can release the second game in a timely manner, this'll be a memorable experience for adventure fans.

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