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Available on:PCSep 26, 2019

Developer: Different Tales

Publisher: Walkabout

Genre: Adventure

Every journey is about experiences and emotions. With one comes the other. And it all starts with one emotion so intense that you just have to give in to it. Wanderlust. Wanderlust Travel Stories is a text-based travel game set in the real world. Emotional Stories. They are driven by hope and curiosity, the search for love, and the need to deal with grief—an idealistic student, a jaded reporter, a man who has never traveled before. Walk with them, shape their paths, and see the world through their eyes. Immersive Travels. From the mysterious statues of Rapa Nui, through the bustling streets of Bangkok and the vast, pristine expanses of the Antarctic, to the grasslands of the Serengeti, explore places you might never see and examine your feelings toward the places you know. Personalized Experience. There are many things to consider: what to pack, when to leave, where to stay. Be careful to manage your stress and fatigue, because they change the way you see the world. Create a journey of your own with every choice you make. Real Stories, Real World. Wanderlust was created by a team of travelers, journalists, artists, and game makers. Inspired by real-life adventures, these stories have been illustrated with bespoke photographs taken especially for the project or selected from private archives. Playable Documentary. With its unique mix of slice-of-life and journalism, Wanderlust touches subjects from the melting polar caps, to the impact of the tourism industry, to the universal search for the meaning of life. Take a fresh look at your notions about the world. Slow Gaming. You don’t have to rush. You don’t have to fight. This is your journey and you decide the pace of your adventure. Relax to the calming original soundtrack. Give yourself space to think and feel. Observe how the journey changes you. Wanderlust Travel Stories is a game and a book. Travel the world in four novels and five short stories spanning a total of over 300,000 words and 12 hours worth of reading. It’s Not a Love Story. He didn’t plan to be spontaneous, but it happened. Now he has to travel across all of Europe to meet a woman he doesn’t really know. His hopes are high. He might be in love. He’ll probably be late. The Essential Gap Year. With every new experience, Martine has that nagging feeling that she’s changed. But is that something she needs during her perfect gap year? All she wanted was to go to Asia and find the meaning of life, just like everybody else. Sea Fever. Antarctica. A luxury cruiser. A yacht. A father. A daughter. Old friends. New enemies. The cold, uncaring sea. Today Is Always Gone Tomorrow. Adília felt too young for her best friend to die, too young to be fed up with her husband, and definitely too young to become a grandmother. She needed to think, to cross Africa one more time, to spend a moment alone. Six months. Maybe more. Everyone will manage while she’s gone. Short Stories. An American circus sideshow, a rusting plane in Papua New Guinea, trolls and whales on the Faroe Islands, a sweatshop in Bangladesh—a collection of unexpected snapshots from the protagonists’ lives. Wanderlust. A chance meeting on the world’s most remote island gets a group of tourists talking about their life journeys, their pasts and futures, their hopes and fears. With every story, passions flare and tempers rise as the travelers re-examine what they brought with them and what they left behind. Faces carved in stone watch them from the darkness. For more travel stories follow Wanderlust on our social media channels. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

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Wanderlust: Travel Stories is a different experience from your run-of-the-mill video game, and should appeal to anyone who is an avid traveler or wants to explore some unknown parts of the world from home. The stories are engaging and presented nicely, having enough of an impact on me to start downloading travel apps and plan trips. It may have the same effect on you.

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I wouldn’t recommend Wanderlust to anyone who dislikes reading. Wanderlust Travel Stories is a very text-heavy experience. But if you enjoy reading and learning from gaming experiences and also enjoy traveling, I definitely recommend this gaming experience. Wanderlust Travel Stories is an evolution of non-fiction, blending the sights and sounds of cities, mountains, shores, etc. with interactive storytelling.

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Wanderlust is a novelty video game. While it does use some mechanics known from more typical games, you need to keep one thing in mind if you want to give it a chance (which you should): this is first and foremost a story about travelling, in which feelings play the central role.

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Ultimately, Wanderlust succeeds in being an inspirational work about the power of travel.

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