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Chucklefish, Hidden Layer Games
Dec 31, 2019 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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7 / 10
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7 / 10
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8 / 10
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8 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Inmost

Inmost tells its dark and troubling tale with plenty of style and there's an expertly handled mixing of narrative elements and satisfying gameplay mechanics for the most part that only really loses its way in the final stretch, unwisely wrestling control away from players and brute-forcing a rather neat and tidy ending that's at odds with how deftly the multi-layered story is handled early on. This and a few control niggles aside, however, are not enough to derail what is a genuinely haunting and memorable experience that's well worth checking out.

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INMOST was a pleasant surprise. The game was a short experience with a powerful narrative with effects that can last so much longer. As for the gameplay itself, the fun puzzles and collaboration with the story helped to bring the game to life.

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7 / 10

Inmost is a very sad and psychologically moving story about loss, personal experiences and pain, which gives players a hope for purification and redemption, showing a bright and love-filled ending. And hope is what we miss so much in a life filled with stress and nervous tension, especially this year.

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Inmost delivers a variety of gameplay styles, delivering three thoughtfully discordant narratives that tie together with a gut punch at the end. Beautifully constructed pixel-art graphics set a surprisingly somber tone, and the music is top notch at setting the horrific yet contemplative mood. Recommended.

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Dark, depressing, and more than a little intense, Inmost is a gorgeous game with a powerful narrative hook that doesn't need to focus on its gameplay to deliver a powerful experience.

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Ambitious as it is beautiful, INMOST is another example of why you shouldn't cancel that Apple Arcade subscription just yet. It's amazing presentation and fun gameplay makes INMOST a must play title.

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Haunting and striking in equal measure, Inmost strikes a balance between narrative and platform-puzzler that mostly succeeds for the entirety of its short running time.

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There’s little fat on this adventure. The aesthetic is unnerving and the audio production is second to none. What presents as a cute adventure quickly turns into an unsettling tale that might leave younger minds checking the closet for moving shadows. Just as you think things are starting to become mundane, Inmost unleashes a new twist. Whether that is a new character, a different enemy, or a new tale of woe, there’s no hanging around for filler.

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