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Available on:PCSep 19, 2019
PlayStation 42019
Xbox One2019
Nintendo Switch2019
Xbox Series X/SNov 10, 2020
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Developer: Gambrinous

Publisher: Versus Evil

Genres: RPG, Strategy

Cardpocalypse is a single-player card game where you change the cards and the rules as you play, delivered within a charming school-based narrative. Join 10-year-old Jess and her friends on the worst day ever. Everyone in school is obsessed with 'Mega Mutant Power Pets', the hit card game based on their favorite show! A little too obsessed - the grown ups have just BANNED the game. Uh oh. At least you can keep playing when the grown ups aren't watching. But strange things are afoot as monsters from Power Pets start to appear in school. Time to challenge them to a game of cards to save your friends, the school, and maybe even the world! FEATURES: Make new friends, deal with bullies, dodge teachers and more in this charming character-led story Play the fully-featured collectible card game 'Mega Mutant Power Pets' within Cardpocalypse Build up your card collection by trading, befriending, or defeating your classmates Change the cards themselves as you play! Add stickers, scribble on them, tear them up! Add new rules to the Power Pets card game as you play. Your decisions will create a card game & card collection unique to your playthrough.

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I didn't expect Cardpocalypse to resonate with me as much as it did. It's a cute, clever and charming little homage to what CCG life used to be like. Sure, we didn't have supernatural big bads running around the playground, but the excitement of opening a booster pack or getting a new rare to put in your deck really shines through. If you're a CCG fan, or even if you just think back to your Pokémon cards with a sense of nostalgia, definitely give Cardpocalypse a look.

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Cute graphics, funny writing, and good gameplay make Cardpocalypse a rousing good time.

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Despite some repetitive side quests Cardpocalypse is a great little card RPG. The 90’s nostalgia that it oozes with really played to my liking and the card designs and gameplay along with the writing kept me playing to completion. I think you’ll get the most enjoyment out of it if you were around in that decade like me but if you weren’t there is still a lot to like here. It’s for sure one of the most charming apocalypses you’ll experience.

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Thumb Culture

Unknown Author
8 / 10.0
Thumb Culture

For me, Cardpocalypse would never be the main game that I play. That’s not because it is bad in any way shape or form. I just feel that it works very well as one of the games you can pick up and put down at your own leisure. For me, this is a huge plus point. I love the fact that I could go back to it a few weeks later still understanding the mechanics of the game. I genuinely thought the gameplay all the way through to the mechanics were great. Not only that they really did make an amazing soundtrack. I probably wouldn’t buy it cross-platform but could imagine this been a stunning game on the Nintendo Switch. I say this because I think the port onto a device that can be mobile as well would work extremely well. All of you Switch owners are in luck because as of the 12th December it will be available on the Nintendo Store. I award Cardpocalypse a Thumb Culture Gold Award!

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