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Praetorians HD Remaster

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General Information

Available on:PCJan 24, 2020

Developers: Torus Games, Pyro Studios

Publisher: Kalypso Media

Genre: Strategy

Relive the celebrated real-time strategy classic Praetorians, re-imagined in high definition. Praetorians is set amidst the political machinations of an emerging Roman Empire. Prove your worth on the battlefields of Egypt, the combat theaters of Gaul and finally the heart of the Empire itself in Italy, in the crusade to become Emperor. Your quest will not be an easy one, as the Empire is heavily defended by thousands of different troop types and war machines, all with special skills and individual strengths. To emerge victorious, you’ll need to learn to combine your units and exploit the weaknesses of your enemies. But beware – the closer you get to the Emperor, the closer you get to facing the Praetorian Guard – the most powerful and deadly fighting force in the Empire! Features The celebrated real-time strategy classic, re-imagined in high definition with reworked controls and UI Three different armies, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses: Gauls, Egyptians and the Roman Legions Over 20 campaign missions set in Egypt, Gaul and Italy Unique sets of abilities and formations for different unit types and characters Make use of different terrains and landscapes to plan your battles

Praetorians HD Remaster Reviews

Is the higher resolution worth ten denarii, citizen? I wish I could say so. Praetorians HD Remaster looks better than its predecessor, but honestly, still looks like a mobile game I’d find in a promoted tweet, alongside a vague imperative like “defend your empire!”.

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It's a tough call as to whether to recommend the game or not. I think what it boils down to is, did you like the original game but have trouble getting it to play now, if so then certainly this is a great purchase for you. Do you like the older style RTS games with less minute detail to focus on and a stripped back easier mechanic, then this might tickle your fancy. But if you need absolutely all the bells and whistles, to have complete control over everything and the most up to date state of the art… then perhaps give it a miss.

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Take the lead of the Roman Legions and conquer the whole known world, this time in a remastered take on the unique classic of the RTS genre.

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Praetorians - HD Remaster - Gamescom Trailer (ESRB)

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