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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchFeb 28, 2020

Developer: Tequilabyte Studio

Publisher: SONKA

Genres: Action, Arcade

You are the pilot of a battle mech BE-A Walker (Biped Enhanced Assault Walker). Your mission is to defeat the hostile natives to protect the colony population. But annihilation of the native race is not the only way to stop the war. Choose your side and make the decision that suits you best: to be a human, a true son of Earth fighting for survival of your race and killing whoever stands in your way, or to be a humanist who’s trying to protect the poor natives, victims of the greedy invaders. Controlling the mech is not an easy thing. Raise up one leg, move it to the left or to the right, and then take a step. Repeat it for the other one. This is how the Walker walks. Control every leg to smash the enemies or to avoid grenades and missiles. Key features: Seamlessly generated world The weirdest and most cruel walking simulator out there Upgrade your mech and weapons to become more dangerous Defeat the natives or lead them in their effort to protect their homeworld

BE-A Walker Reviews

BE-A-Walker is the first game I can recall that opens with a difficulty spike. The message is clear: get onboard with the game's many anxiety-inducing mechanics or get out now. Beyond that, you will find a moderately entertaining AT-ST simulator. Be ready to juggle a variety of frustrating systems, as nothing in this game comes easy.

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BE-A Walker may be a "walking simulator" but it's nowhere near as humdrum as the genre suggests. The easy to pick up, difficult to master controls make the Joy-Cons work in tandem, in near-perfect harmony. The difficulty curve may be too much for some to handle, but if you're looking for a satisfying challenge, this may just be it.

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All in all, BE-A Walker is far from being a bad game, but it’s pretty hard to recommend. Its gameplay loop gets tiresome pretty quickly, and being inspired by one of the most generic and uninspired movie plots of the entire century really doesn’t help. You can have a few minutes of fun blowing up tons of natives (or humans, it’s up to you) with a rocket launcher-powered mech, but this won’t be a game that will captivate you for hours on end.

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