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Demon's Tier+

COWCAT, COWCAT, Diabolical Mind
Jun 9, 2020 - Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

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Demon's Tier+ Trailer (PS4, Vita, Xbox One, Switch)

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Critic Reviews for Demon's Tier+

A roguelike that gives the player this much control over their character build is a rare thing. Rather than depending heavily on random drops and loot, Demon's Tier+ lets you spend your gold on what aspect you want to improve. It's a small change that makes a massive difference. Along with that, you have a well-designed game that runs really well, not too long, and has a really nice trophy list. What's not to love?

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Demon's Tier+ is a chaotic and pulse-pounding roguelike, but it's also just a bit too repetitive.

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While its roguelite gameplay is familiar territory, Demon's Tier+ executes the formula very well. It could do with a more elegant tutorial than the multi-page bombardment the game starts with, but it's hard to hold that against it when everything else works so nicely. It may not have prestige, but Demon's Tier+ is cheap and cheerful. A good, pacy game for two.

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Demon's Tier+ is a charming dungeon-RPG with unforgiving mechanics. With perseverance and a friend, getting through the dungeon is possible.

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Its challenges may be tough to overcome yet Demon's Tier+ offers a fleshed out game world that's awesome to watch unfold.

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Like in many roguelike games, the main story is not long but will take multiple attempts to see through to the end. There’s plenty to unlock with the D-tokens, and with all the characters and weapons to choose from, there are many reasons to play over and over again. It’s fun to experiment with all the different characters once unlocked, who all have their own stats and perks. This game features couch co-op too, which is just brilliant. In the main town, you simply go up to the 2P sign and your friend can jump in for some good co-op fun. This is an easy game to pick up and play alone or with a friend. While it has its flaws, I absolutely loved playing through Demon’s Tier. The visuals and music don’t always match, but the gameplay here is really solid. The fact that I kept replaying it over and over without putting it down is proof enough that this didn’t dramatically affect my enjoyment. While this could be the end of a trilogy, I would not say no to seeing what the developer has in store next.

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Ultimately, Demon’s Tier+ is a charming twin-stick shooter that doesn’t take a whole lot of skill to get into. Its entry-level mechanics make it approachable to new fans of the genre, but skilled players will quickly discover how to take advantage of the game’s systems and get through it without much trouble.

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If this is the swansong for COWCAT and Diabolical Mind on Vita, then it's a very good way to go out.

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