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As Far As The Eye

Unexpected, GoblinzStudio, Maple Whispering Limited
Sep 10, 2020 - PC

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Critic Reviews for As Far As The Eye

In its launch state on Switch, much of As Far As The Eye is unplayable. For us, neither Quick Game or Custom Matches would last long before we got booted to the Switch's dashboard. We waited several days for some kind of update to fix both the UI and the egregious crashes and get a better idea of a game that is not without promise, but a patch still hasn't arrived at the time of writing. If or when one does come, As Far As The Eye has the potential to become an intriguing little strategy game with that Civilization-style 'just one more turn' effect. But for now, do not get sucked in by its soothing mood and the cute little Pupils.

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For a strategy game that wants you to play for long sessions, inching your way “halt by halt” to safety for your tribe, As Far As The Eye lacks the quality of life features that would make the experience rewarding. Fans of turn-based strategy games might find enough enjoyment here to look past its most obvious flaws – there’s certainly a mechanically dense, lore-heavy strategic experience here for those willing to work for it – but if, like me, you like your games served without a healthy dose of frustration, you may want to look elsewhere.

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A simple puzzle game that accomplishes what it sets out to do.

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As Far As The Eye is a fun little turn-based, strategy game set in a vibrant world full of adorable creatures. Whilst there's a lot to learn and manage, this quickly becomes a rewarding and satisfying experience.

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Issues aside of UI problems such as losing villagers, hard to click, and so on, the general pace of As Far As The Eye belie its "relaxing" appearance. Requiring a very strict, lucky, and strategic play from the beginning knocks a lot of the fun off. With how much dedication there is simply to food and not starving, it leaves little room for exploration, trying new things, or really anything beyond a narrow strategy. It is not that the difficulty ruins the game, it is that the difficulty and luck swings require such a narrow avenue to take, getting in the way of fun.

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An adorable resource management game featuring poncho-wearing creatures that hold balloons. A strategy game of optimisation where every decision matters and where every decision is interesting. A surprise gem!

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Oyungezer Online

Gülhis Canpolat
6 / 10.0
Oyungezer Online

When it comes to balanced gameplay, I can't say As Far As The Eye is the best example. Starving mechanics need some fine-tuning for sure.

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The nomadic lifestyle translates into an interesting take on the resource and management genre, that is more interesting for its ideas than its execution. However, those who fancy a more contemplative slow going game will find solid goal-oriented challenges in this journey back to the source.

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