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Mar 11, 2014 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Constant C

In the end, Constant C is a solid puzzle platformer that takes a few familiar ideas and mashes them together to create something partially new. The difficulty of the puzzles ranges from trivial to diabolical, with most falling somewhere in between. Its greatest sin is the repetition of certain puzzles, but if that is the worst aspect of Constant C, then it should still please fans of the genre.

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I liked Constant C. It's an immensely polished game that deserves your attention if only to enjoy a unique puzzle experience. Luckily, the humorous story is definitely worth the entry price and if that's not enough, the soundtrack was a constant highlight throughout the game. But what really makes Constant C special is just enjoyable the sci-fi characters are and how humorously alive the whole world feels. From your robot protagonist to the characters you meet along the way, this is sci-fi closer to Portal than 2001 and that's always my personal preference.

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Overall, I enjoyed my time with Constant-C and would recommend it to anyone who appreciates the puzzle platformer genre. While it can sometimes feel quite challenging, the refusal to hold your hand makes arriving at a solution all the more rewarding.

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Through all of my success, Constant C remained a frustrating experience, from cheap deaths, to my own ignorance by rotating the environment in the incorrect direction. Constant C provides an enjoyable and challenging experience that will have you literally standing on your head thinking of a solution.

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An overall very well developed puzzle-platformer that can entertain -- or frustrate depending on your skills and patience -- for hours.

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If you are looking for a puzzle platformer to play around with I would be hard pressed not to recommend this one. It doesn't have the most complicated puzzles, it isn't the longest, and it won't give you as many "A HA" moments as some other offerings in the genre.

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Cubed3 has no problem recommending Constant C to platforming fans. Anyone who enjoyed a game such as Stealth Bastard will find plenty to love in Constant C. Fans of games with heavily physics-based puzzles will definitely be pleased. Indie fans and platforming fans will find a game that performs above its class, though not in the heavy weight division with the likes of Mario, Rayman, or even Super Meat Boy. Still, at $10, Constant C is an enjoyable experience and an easy recommend.

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Constant C is filled with creativity, laughter, deceiving level design and ruthless platforming segments; it's charming aesthetics only mask the brutality of the gameplay that's hidden beneath the surface. Those whom prefer the moderate challenge of today's mainstream games will likely give up pretty quickly, but for those old-school souls like myself who prefer a stiff challenge, Constant C delivers a fresh gameplay concept that beats you down and puts you back together over and again to the end.

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