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Washbear Studio
Aug 13, 2020 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Parkasaurus

Parkasaurus is a delightful park management sim. Its cute dinosaur designs and relaxed pace will suit all Jurassic fans, despite the obvious lack of Jeff Goldblum.

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Sea Monsters DLC for Parkasaurus is an absolute pleasure to play. With new aquatic and semiaquatic creatures, new biomes and enclosures, and three new story missions you will have plenty of things to do in your park. For just $6.99 this DLC comes packed to the brim with content, and most importantly you get new hats. Parkasaurus continues to be my favorite dino park builder on the market, and the Sea Monsters DLC brought in some of my favorite species such as the Megalodon and Mosasaurus.

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Parkasaurus can get tiresome, especially when playing this Switch port. It won't grab hybrid players who aren't already genre fans. But an instructive campaign mode, combined with a sandbox mode, means plenty of content is here, ultimately making for a decent (though certainly not great) game.

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Parkasaurus is the type of game where you're never wondering what you should be doing, but never overwhelmed by the number of tasks. Coupled with the colourful graphics and the fact it doesn't take itself too seriously, this is a wonderful version of a park management game.

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Parkasaurus is a charming take on dinosaur theme parks, but it has some small shortcomings that keep it from being a truly great experience.

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Over the many hours that I played Parkasaurus, I have to say that I did feel very relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the simple yet goofy style picking out appropriate hats for all my dinosaurs.

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For my 4-year-old, he had a sandbox where he could screw around and set up whatever dream-like dinosaur scenarios he wanted to. We were able to do all this with a charming-as-heck visual aesthetic and a complex but workable user interface. Life finds a way.

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It’s a great creative park builder, with a deep simulation system that the game fails to ever properly use, the lack of challenge means you never need to use any management skills which is missing the point of a business simulation game. Even if it’s one about cartoon dinosaurs.

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