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Aug 27, 2020 - Nintendo Switch

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MOON is coming to Nintendo Switch on August 27th, 2020! thumbnail

MOON is coming to Nintendo Switch on August 27th, 2020!

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Critic Reviews for Moon

Moon's surreal world, fascinating characters, and subversive story make for a cult classic well worth thoroughly exploring on Switch.

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Every time Moon would lose me with its constant waiting around or head-scratching puzzle solutions, it would win me back with its humor, characters, writing, and music. This is a game that exudes joy, and while I wasn't always having fun playing it, I am grateful that I at least got the chance to experience it.

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Moon may look dated and its mechanics and puzzles can be obtuse as hell compared to what you might expect in 2020. Stick with it however and it's one of the most charming and unusual RPGs you can play that's just as influential and relevant as ever.

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Whether or not Moon is for you ultimately depends upon your tolerance level for aspects of late '90s game design and your overall interest in the RPG genre. As a standalone product, Moon has plenty of amusing commentary about RPGs, but much of this is likely to be lost on those who don't much care for them.

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Moon's commentary on the nature of its hero, expressed not only through its narrative but also its entire suite of mechanics, is its toolbox for deconstructing the template of the JRPG. Learning it's a long-lost game from 1997, operating with the inescapable sentimentality and eccentricity of the modern indie scene, underscores how long it took the rest of the world to reach places Moon had already been. Even with its anachronisms, Moon is a surprising novelty.

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I think calling moon a “parody” of the RPG genre is both slightly fitting yet doesn’t give it enough credit. It’s rather impressive that a smaller budget game released over 20 years ago has aged as well as it has. In so many ways it feels incredibly ahead of its time, with a focus on minute details so extensive that most modern games can’t even match.

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Through and through, Moon is the anti-RPG. It's a satirical stab at the RPG genre. While it could have been better with a more updated look, I still find this game innovative and fresh even by today's standards. It's cute and funny and fun to play. If you're looking for a laid-back RPG, this is it. Moon is a title that reviews can't do justice to; it has to be played to really appreciate what the developers were trying to do.

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Moon: Remix RPG Adventure is an extremely esoteric game that won’t be for everyone. Despite its quirkiness and unconventional design, it flawlessly execute’s the designer’s intentions. Everything is seemingly very deliberate and confident in its design. It may not be an RPG, but it is almost as long as one.

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