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Aug 27, 2020 - PC, Meta Quest, HTC Vive

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Steve C
7 / 10

Yupitergrad is a game that's perfectly designed for VR and is a great way of tricking yourself into some physical activity. The story is charming fluff and the sense of place is really well managed too, so if you're up for the challenge and fancy the idea of swinging through the air like a Russian Spider-man plumber, then this is one VR title that you should take the plunge(r) on.

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By the time I was done with Yupitergrad, I may have been a sweaty mess, but I still feel its worth commending for its style and mechanics. Grappling as the main mechanic of movement feels smooth and the corridors and puzzles throughout the game are well-arranged.

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Yupitergrad is an intensely fun, if too difficult, Russian Spider-Man simulator that will have you speedily swinging through obstacles with grace. That is, if you can get past the nauseating motion sickness.

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While the campaign is reasonably fun — and houses a few really great set-pieces — the standout mode in the game is time attack, where you are tasked with completing a series of 20 obstacle courses as quickly as possible. Perfecting run after run in this mode is a standout of the game, and honestly, the price of entry is worth it for time attack on its own.

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The glum visuals aren’t a deal-breaker though. The gameplay in Yupitergrad makes up for the shortcomings, as the swinging action will keep you hooked. Thanks to a pretty robust main story and the added bonus of Time Attack challenges, it will hook you in for longer than most VR titles. This is a slick title optimized for VR’s unique movement requirements, and it offers lots of fun Spider Man-style content for not many Rubles. Do your duty for the Motherland and check Yupitergrad out.

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Yupitergrad is a well-made game that I simply didn't enjoy very much. The suction-cup based line swinging works great and is a lot of fun on its own. But trying to get through difficult sections with any sort of precision can be very challenging. For the strong-willed and strong-stomached only.

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Yupitergrad is a great addition to the roster of Oculus Quest games, despite its issues

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It's quite a bit of fun and certainly a nice game to play with the freedom of the Quest 2. It's a decent price for what you get, it might not take you too long to get through (depending on your dexterity/coordination of tools etc) but the fun of swinging through the halls is fun whether you are looking to complete a task or not.

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