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Among Us is ranked in the 83rd percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
8.5 / 10.0
Sep 29, 2020

A clever take on the "whodunnit" genre while a tapping into what makes meme culture so relevant and universal

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8.5 / 10.0
Dec 24, 2020

Among Us is a superb multiplayer game that is great on Nintendo Switch. It's easy to pick up, but difficult to put down.

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7 / 10
Dec 24, 2021

Not all of the gameplay translates perfectly to the DualSense, as it’s clearly been designed around either touchscreens or mouse-and-keyboards. It’s not a big deal, though, and once you find a good lobby with a friendly group this is one of the better party games you’ll find on the PS5. It’s just finding said people can be a bit of an exercise in trial-and-error, so be aware that you will be at the mercy of the release’s unchecked community unless you have a guaranteed group of pals to play with.

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8 / 10
Dec 21, 2020

Among Us is an instantly accessible and super-addictive casual gaming experience that serves up some hilarious whodunnit hijinks in short bursts that are perfectly suited to portable play. There are a few niggles here with regards to controls that make communication fussier than it really needs to be, but this is a fine port that finally enables Switch gamers to jump in and see what all the fuss is about with this most unlikely of gaming sensations.

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Top Critic
Dec 17, 2020
Is Among Us Still Great on Switch? - REVIEW video thumbnail
8 / 10.0
Jul 7, 2021

We applaud the devs for realizing the potential of the game mode and we look forward to seeing how its official launch will modify it yet again. Inner Sloth aren’t stopping there when it comes to updates. As well as releasing new maps over the last year, at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase they revealed an increased lobby size of 15, new characters, as well as the delightful opportunity to honk the horn of the airship

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7.4 / 10.0
Sep 26, 2020

A party game of 2018 has become one of the biggest revelations of 2020. The miracle should not be entirely attributed to innerSloth's talented team, but rather to the innocent operation put in place by the content creators, who have opened the eyes of the public. Among Us is an extremely simple and equally fun game. Conquer players in each category with an essential concept, but it elevates engagement to new heights. For a game worth just 4 euros - for the ad-free version - do not recommend trying it would be a crime to be a real impostor.

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8 / 10 stars
Dec 23, 2020

The sleeper hit of 2020, Among Us, hits the Nintendo Switch for even more party fun.

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9.5 / 10.0
Nov 30, 2020

Accessible enough for everybody, Among Us coaxes out everyone's inner psychopath and Sherlock. With short addictive bursts of gameplay that's long enough to satiate, this sleeper hit has/will become a staple in your games library and gaming nights to come.

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7.2 / 10.0
Dec 16, 2020

Among Us is a game made for those who have a lot of online friends or followers. If you don't fit that description then you can have fun but will more than likely get irritated while playing with random players who obviously have no idea what they're doing.

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9 / 10
Dec 21, 2021

Finally making its way onto PlayStation, Among Us is still the very best that the social deduction genre has to offer. Using some inventive workarounds to support controllers, this game loses little to nothing in the port away from its natural home on phones and tablets. With a group of strangers, it’s easy to have a great time with this game. With friends, Among Us comes alive in one of the best multiplayer experiences on the market today as you attempt to stab your pals in the back. Both figuratively and literally.

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4.5 / 5.0
Oct 30, 2020

Among Us gives a genuinely necessary respite from reality without paying attention to itself as well.

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8.5 / 10.0
Jan 19, 2021

Everything runs smoothly, the online connectivity works surprisingly well for a Switch game, and even the lack of a Switch keyboard can be mitigated by playing the game on handheld mode. All in all, it’s a competent port to probably the only console Among Us makes sense to be on.

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