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The Signifier

Playmestudio, Raw Fury
Oct 15, 2020 - PC

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The Signifier - Dev Gameplay Walkthrough | gamescom 2020 thumbnail

The Signifier - Dev Gameplay Walkthrough | gamescom 2020

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The Signifier - Official Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for The Signifier


Steve C
7 / 10

The Signifier is almost an essential experience for anybody looking for a sophisticated and complex meditation on the effects of technological progress on the nature of humanity but as a game it doesn't quite hang together. Even more frustrating is the fact that its short running time means that it ends just as it's starting to find its feet. As a result it's a title that I am really glad that I have played but can't fully commit to recommending it.

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I did not play the original release, so I can’t compare this new version to the old or verify its improvements or the effectiveness of its multiple ending variants, but if the game’s frequent load times have been improved, they must have been really egregious before. In the end, although The Signifier Director’s Cut has a solid intellectual conceit and an interesting story to tell, I’m just not convinced that a point-and-click puzzle game is the ideal medium for telling it. Despite its improvements, it’s still rough around the edges in lots of little ways. Still, the new release of the game manages to drop more than a few thought bombs for later contemplation, so while The Signifier Director’s Cut lacks in polish and execution, it is worth checking out for fans of the point-and-click genre and brainy games in general.

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The Signifier is an ambitious game that is also aware of its limits. Unfortunately, that is not enough to elevate it among the greats. It offers a great, alienating and at times disturbing atmosphere, but its strongest suit is tackling issues that force the player out of his comfort zone. Unfortunately, mechanics are not as strong as the atmosphere, which makes the short duration (about six hours) a good choice. The ending is a bit fuzzy, however – and probably a setup for a sequel.

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The Signifier is an intriguing adventure game/ walking simulator with a compelling story and unique design aspects. The presentation can be a bit janky, but the game has definitely stuck in my mind since finishing it.

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Unknown Author
6 / 10

The Signifier have a quite an original concept, but falls short to hold any momentum with repetative sections and and a mess of hastily forgotten plot points. If only the dev team had a bigger budget, then maybe this game could become something entirely else.

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It's clearly well thought out, but in execution The Signifer doesn't quite match up to its intriguing concept and utterly convincing setting. The latter are so strong, though, that they keep you engaged even as you grapple with clunkier gameplay aspects and an abrupt ending. Ambitious, cerebral, worth investigating.

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The great ideas within The Signifier make it all the more frustrating when the overall experience doesn’t leave you with anything memorable. If it were expanded upon, the sum of its parts could make an amazing experience. The game has some shining moments in the memory sequences, but its ending does nothing with the fascinating threads offered up by its middle.

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The Signifier is a relatively solid interactive experience where you dive deeply into the ideas of self, psychology, technology, and the eventually marrying of the two and the potential ramifications. The mindscape, and some of the creepy factors within, are the best parts of the game and something I recommend anyone see at least once, given how it's presented. But, I also wonder if there's enough meat to the average gamer. It's an intriguing enough story with some twists, but there's only so much to do.

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