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Monster Couch, Stonemaier Games
Sep 17, 2020 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Wingspan

The flock of dizzying strategic possibilities and the brilliant plumage it's dressed in make this digital board game a must-play.

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Wingspan is a serene, blissful, drop-dead gorgeous digital board game. While its turn-based engine-building gameplay may not be for everyone, it's the ideal game to unwind with alongside a mug of cocoa after a long day. Multiple play modes make this a great purchase for players of any age that enjoy strategy and a healthy dose of animal facts.

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Wingspan is a strong card game for those with the patience to learn how it works. It's fun, compulsive and can sometimes truly surprise you with stacked effects and their outcomes. Its translation to the Switch is a little... difficult, but certainly not for want of trying. In handheld it's far from ideal, but on the dock, as a couch multiplayer experience, there's plenty of fun to be had. It's also enjoyable alone as you'll seek out ways to create the highest-scoring possible deck. Despite a few porting issues, Wingspan is definitely a good time, and it'll be difficult to stop after just one game. It's a lot cheaper than the physical game, too, making it a thoroughly viable alternative.

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Wingspan is a calm, thought-provoking bird-watching game with fun visuals and sounds and simple controls.

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The Nintendo Switch has plenty of excellent board games already available on it. Wingspan is one of the best, if not the best of them. Admittedly the developers were fortunate in that they had the most beautiful, well-designed base material to work with, but rather than do a pedestrian copy/paste of the game to make for a boring digital release or, worse, somehow mess it up by trying to change the game in some way, the team has shown some real respect and appreciation for what makes Wingspan a special experience. Without changing the fundamental appeal of the game, the developers here have taken advantage of the video game medium to enhance the experience in all the right ways. Wingspan, on Nintendo Switch, is nothing short of perfect.

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undefined.While I might recommend the board game over the video game overall, the video game is a worthy complement. It's also a good local and online multiplayer experience (especially with crossplay with the Steam version), which gives Wingspan an added benefit in 2020. No matter what year it is, Wingspan is a remarkable adaptation of a tabletop game that is certainly one of the best of its kind on Switch.

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If you have the right people around you, or are just in the mood for something relaxing? This is an excellent option. Just relax. Settle down for the game. Don't worry about people who are going to make this into a big to-do or anything of the sort, just... let it wash over you. Sit on the couch. Close your eyes for a bit, there's no timer.

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This is one of my favorite games of 2020, hands down, and one that I expect will be made even better when they roll out any upcoming patches. If you enjoy strategy board games I 100% recommend looking into Wingspan. And since the publisher mentioned that they do plan to add some expansions down the line (no dates yet) I expect to get hundreds of hours of play out of this gem. Because of my personal enthusiasm for this game, and the fact that almost all the current bugs are easy to fix during play,

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