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DreadOut 2

Digital Happiness, Digital Happiness
Feb 21, 2020 - PC
5.5 / 10
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5 / 10
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DreadOut 2 Official Update Trailer

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DreadOut 2 Official Trailer

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Critic Reviews for DreadOut 2

The Indonesian dev team Digital Happiness has attempted to follow the uniqueness and move the boundaries a bit further, which was, in some ways, a success. The question remains if that's sufficient to recommend the game. If you can look past the small technical issues and certain naivety, you will be able to enjoy an unusual gaming experience.

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DreadOut 2 isn’t necessarily a good game, but it’s got its charms. The combat is clunky and slow, explorations can be needlessly vague, and it’s not graphically impressive to say the least. That being said, it does still have some good ideas that make it somewhat entertaining. If you want to play a low budget horror title, I would highly recommend checking out the original DreadOut first and if you like that give the second one a shot. Otherwise DreadOut 2 doesn’t offer anything terribly interesting.

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Dreadout 2 is a horror adventure title with some open-world elements. Its limited budget impacts its grand ideas and this was frustrating. With such potential, it could have been great. However, its many flaws will leave you wanting.

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