The Battle of Polytopia

Midjiwan AB, Felix af Ekenstam, Midjiwan AB
Aug 4, 2020 - PC

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The Battle of Polytopia - Moonrise  Features (Steam Trailer) thumbnail

The Battle of Polytopia - Moonrise Features (Steam Trailer)

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The Battle of Polytopia - Official trailer

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Critic Reviews for The Battle of Polytopia

With its randomized maps, a variety of civilizations to choose from, and multiplayer as an accessible option, The Battle of Polytopia is surprisingly replayable. On top of that, being available for mobile devices, you can play it anywhere you go. Truly, The Battle of Polytopia is the pocket-sized 4X that I never knew I needed until I played it.

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If you’re new to 4X games, we could see this being a gentle introduction to an often-overwhelming genre. There is certainly enough content here to get new players interested, though for returning veterans it will probably not scratch that itch for more than a handful of hours. For them, The Battle of Polytopia will be a brief distraction and very little else.

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The Battle of Polytopia is a fun game about expanding your own empire. The cute graphics and varied options provide an entertaining and welcome addition to the Nintendo Switch library.

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The simple gameplay of Battle of Polytopia is actually a pretty fun breakdown of the genre - the problem is ultimately its simplicity is its undoing. Despite what it says or looks like, every starting race is nearly the exact same, which is a huge missed opportunity to diversify them. Battles late-game are very dry. For some casual players it is a fun romp, but anyone looking for depth or longevity won't find it here

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This makes it a great choice for anyone who is new to the 4X gaming genre and looking for a relaxed introduction. While the lack of distinct personalities for the different leaders makes the game feel a bit bland–with no extra incentive to attack anyone who isn't nearby–the art and music are enjoyable, if somewhat simple. That said, for those who have already delved deeply into this type of game, it may not hold their attention for long.

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The Battle of Polytopia is not too simple, however, the system makes decision-making interesting and meaningful. The Battle of Polytopia would make an excellent starting ground for players who want to get into the 4X strategy before taking on other games in the genre similar to Civilization and such. The game is suitable for all ages and is family-friendly, a great starting ground to teach youngsters the skills of strategy gaming.

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On the one hand I can respect the streamlined and console-friendly take on Civilization, but it also feels terribly derivative

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It isn’t going to prepare you for diving into Europa Universalis: if anything, it might make those big games feel even bigger coming from such a small pond with very same-ish maps and layouts. But it might let you see if you’ve got a taste for the run, and, if so, this is an inexpensive starting point, both in actual price tag and time investment. As for people like me who long for the simpler days, this could be the next great pocket game to keep around for a turn or two of research, raids and risky alliances.

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