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Blind Drive

Lo-Fi People
Mar 10, 2021 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Blind Drive

Blind Drive is like no game I've ever played before, which, having played video games for the last thirty years, is certainly saying something. Lo-Fi People has delivered one of the most compelling and plainly weird video game experiences of 2021. Your ears will love this game.

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Blind Drive offers a solid and funny arcade romp that can be played just the same by blind and sighted gamers, but the fun wears off pretty quickly with repetitive gameplay.

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What senses do you need when driving a car? Sight and Hearing are pretty much it, right? Let's take out sight and watch the mayhem unfold. Blind Drive is an arcade racer where you only have your trusty ears to drive to safety. Check out this Blind Drive Game Review for some impressions!

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The gameplay is really simple; but tense, challenging, engaging, and the overall concept isn’t quite like anything else out there right now. When combined with its completely absurdist humor and story, Blind Drive offers a compelling experience worth playing through if you are looking for a very distinctive game that can easily be completed in one sitting.

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Those frustrations, though, are part of the experience of Blind Drive; if making your way down a road without being able to see isn’t nerve-wracking in any way, then there’s likely something wrong. While Blind Drive‘s premise is incredibly simple, it’s immediately addicting and the excellent narrative will keep you glued to the screen from beginning to end. You might be going into this adventure blind, but you won’t be disappointed.

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Playing as blind driver offers atypical experience and it si not bad. Just listen very carefully.

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Blind Drive is unlike anything else out there at the moment. It’s unique, innovative and hopefully the start of something new. As a proof of concept, this game demonstrates that it’s possible to create an absorbing, exciting experience based purely on sound. As a game in its own right, it’s thrilling, funny and a triumph of audio game design.

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My only big complaint with Blind Drive is the fact that it’s a bit too brief. I wanted more of its insanity. I never thought a game about driving against traffic with my eyes literally closed could not only exist, but become one of my favorite indie titles from 2021. It’s hard to convey how good the game is without visual proof, but rest assured, this is one demented little title worth taking a look. Or worth hearing, whichever you prefer.

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