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General Information

Available on:PCMar 25, 2021

Developer: Mad Mimic

Publisher: NEOWIZ

Genres: Action, Roguelike

Dandy Ace is an over the top fast-paced roguelike experience that follows a fabulous magician seeking to combine and use his magical cards while fighting and looting his way to defeat the Green-Eyed Illusionist, Lele, who has imprisoned him in a cursed mirror. While battling your way through Lele’s ever changing palace, combine different cards with more than a thousand possibilities, each with their own playstyles and powers. Every run provides new challenges and combinations for players to explore as they progress closer to Lele. Play as Dandy Ace, the amazing hero, and survive the challenges of the extravagant, lavish and ever changing palace created to defeat him filled with bizarre creatures and outrageous bosses. Find all of the magical cards, gather shards and gold, and get help from his assistants and unconventional allies. Rogue-lite experience: Try, die and try again until you beat the Green-Eyed Illusionist with the replayability and adrenaline of a rogue-like with permanent upgrades that makes you stronger as you progress further with each run. 2D isometric fast-paced action: with lots of challenging but fair combat engagements. Battle your way through bizarre creatures and outrageous bosses while building up your own arsenal of magic. Create your own builds: Combine cards with more than a thousand possibilities, each with its own gameplay style and powers. Challenges of the ever changing palace: Explore the extravagant and lavish aesthetics of the game through the nonlinear progression of the palace, fighting off unique enemies and bosses, on your quest to defeat Lele and escape the cursed mirror.

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Overall, I like Dandy Ace a fair bit, but the story doesn't do quite enough to drive you to do more runs, and there were a few times when things felt grossly unfair due to the sheer volume of enemies that some rooms spit at you. The card combination system is wonderful to use though, and that'll keep mechanically-minded players involved for a fair while with Dandy Ace.

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Dandy Ace delivers as challenging roguelike, with difficult enemies and bosses galore. The use of cards allows players the freedom to fine-tune their loadout to be the most efficient for their respective playstyle. Add on top of that the visually pleasing art style and use of color, and you’ve got yourself one magical roguelike.

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Dandy Ace is a sensational roguelike that can contend with the very best the genre has to offer. Although gameplay can get a little repetitive, its colorful visuals and well-thought-out combat mechanics more than make up for that. This is a challenging yet fun game that is well worth your time.

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Regardless of these minor irritations, I've very much enjoyed my time with Dandy Ace and will no doubt continue to play for a while, at least until I find a way to beat Very Hard mode! I've saved the best for last, though, as interestingly enough a big update recently released that started fixing a lot of mine and many others' complaints.

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