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Space Commander: War and Trade

7Levels, Home Net Games
Nov 4, 2020 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Space Commander: War and Trade

Space Commander: War and Trade makes the transition from mobile to console without considering what changes would make the game more palatable for console players. A very basic trading system, a fiddly map, and super simple space combat all add up to an experience that underwhelms. There is a lot going on in Space Commander, but not very much of it is fun.

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Space Commander: War and Trade can be enjoyable for genre enthusiasts and people who really like some commerce mixed into their space-sim adventures. For the more action-oriented player, however, this one can become a bit of a grind. Good effort, but not what I would call a must-have game.

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All the pieces are here for an excellent entry level space sim but the horrible economy just drags the entire experience to a halt and makes it feel like much more of a grind than it ought to be. With some very small changes Space Commander could be excellent. As is, it will have some appeal to enthusiasts like myself, but for most there will be other space sims on Switch that will scratch the same itch much better.

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Space Commander: War and Trade isn't bad. If there's one thing that can be said about mobile games, it's that developers are hugely incentivised to make sure players enjoy what they're looking at, and there's no possibility of being frustrated by the gameplay. The core mechanical elements are rock-solid, and transfer over to the Switch well. The game's biggest problem is the setting. Space should be an exotic location filled with adventure and discovery. That entire experience in Space Commander is truncated to the point that it loses that essential quality, leaving the overall experience feeling quite hollow.

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4.5 / 10.0

Space Commander is a competent game, with many features and some innovation, turning focus from piloting one ship to managing and controlling a fleet. It can be engaging but unfortunately not for long as it is just too simplified and lacks in variety, depth or challenge.

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Space Commander: War and Trade may remind you of a simplified version of Elite: Dangerous. Given its mobile roots, Space Commander may impress with abundance of gameplay mechanics, but it quickly becomes noticeable all of them are rather basic, which make the game fun for a couple of hours, but forgettable in the end.

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No Recommendation / Blank

Space Commander: War and Trade has a lot of promise. Unfortunately, it is let down by the extremely obvious nature of its mobile game heritage. Sure, this may not be the exact same game that launched on mobile platforms years ago, but it certainly feels like it in terms of gameplay and features. Space commander: War and Trade is by no means a bad game; but it does fall short in terms of what is expected from 4X games — even on Nintendo Switch.

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