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Chorus Worldwide, Tricore Inc.
Aug 19, 2021 - PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

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Critic Reviews for Yuoni

Yuoni takes the hide-and-seek formula and adds a few new concepts to it. Not everything works as well as the others, particularly the design of some of the common enemies and their movements. However, it makes some thoughtful creative choices and takes chances with them to make something that at least horror fans should try out. Yuoni is far from perfect, but it still holds its own merit.

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There are tons of other games that already do what Yuoni attempts to do, and do it way better. Spend your $20 there instead.

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‎Yuoni is a recommended title that does not stand out too much from other productions or large-scale games such as ‎‎Resident Evil or The Medium.‎‎ I'm not talking about a comparison because Yuoni presents well-achieved ideas that make it unique, but it is true that players do not pay much attention to horror games that are not large productions.‎

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Youni is a very short and unfortunately lackluster experience. Once you've played the first few levels, you have essentially seen it all. Whilst some of the jump scares are great and some moments are very eerie, there isn't much else to keep you invested or wanting to play. The poor visuals impact the smoothness of the gameplay, causing frustration on top of the slow pacing.

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Yuoni is a very standard example of the hide-and-seek variety of first-person horror games. It has decent graphics, even on Switch, but the gameplay is stretched incredibly thin and is over before you know it. For its price, Yuoni is a decent diversion. It lacks depth and has a few cheap thrills that make it a casual play for when Halloween rolls around.

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If you gel with Yuoni‘s brand of hide-and-seek horror accompanied by basic storytelling you might get your money’s worth. Making your way through the game’s levels is likely to take you four or five hours the first time, then you unlock a harder mode which holds the game’s true ending. You’ll need a lot of patience though. The repetitive gameplay simply fails to engage like it should. And even worse for a horror game, it’s just not scary at all. Ultimately, Yuoni is a disappointment.

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I don’t even think that technical issues and poor level design are Yuoni‘s biggest issues. It’s just not scary at all. It doesn’t have a bad story, but the way it’s told neuters it potential potency. It’s less of a horror game and more of an underwhelming stealth adventure through dark corridors, where you have to occasionally get past a few shiny children and unkillable enemies.

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Yuoni is an interesting game for its setting, narrative approach and how it links with the gameplay. Its setting and story are also at a very good level. However, the repetition of the gameplay formula and the focus on stealth greatly affect the pace and the terror it is able to instill.

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