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Infested Planet

Rocket Bear Games
Mar 6, 2014 - PC

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Infested Planet - Steam Release Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Infested Planet

This innovative alien bug-blasting indie real-time strategy game proves that fun runs deeper than meets the eye.

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When it comes down to it, Infested Planet is a fun spin on sci-fi real-time strategy that makes good use of tower defense mechanics in an offense-focused game. A little rough around the edges, it still manages to succeed in creating an experience that is challenging and unique every round while providing options which accommodate a wide range of skill level.

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Developed by Rocket Bear Games, Infested Planet challenges players with frenetic play and an ever-evolving alien enemy.

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If you are a die hard RTS fan looking for a new challenge, Infested Planet's mutated hordes might be just what you are looking for. Everyone else be wary. Infested Planet is easy to pick up and play, but its alien army wants nothing more than to tear you apart.

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Infested Planet is a solid addition to any real-time strategy fan's Steam collection. The constantly evolving gameplay offers a fresh variation to a familiar formula, and at $14.99 it's hard to argue against the game's value.

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This is a big planet and there are a lot of caves needing clearing, think of raids as housekeeping. You go in and kill as many bugs as you can before your timer runs out and we extract you. You won't be furthering our campaign but you will be earning cash for every bug you kill and hive you burn. The opportunities for combat are endless

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Infested Planet does a lot of things well and should be on the radar of RTS players that enjoy playing with the strategy of the game more than duking it out against others.

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Blasting away at alien hordes does eventual get a little repetitive as you fall back into the same routine of building turrets to secure captured zones and slowly pushing forward into enemy territory, and enemy unit design is a little uninspired (they basically all look like blue and purple grubs), but all in all Infested Planet takes a simple concept and makes it into a satisfying and addictive experience. Well worth your time.

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