tinyBuild, Laughing Machines
Nov 18, 2021 - Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

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Undungeon Trailers

Undungeon — Launch Trailer | Post-apocalyptic Action RPG thumbnail

Undungeon — Launch Trailer | Post-apocalyptic Action RPG

UnDungeon - Gameplay Trailer thumbnail

UnDungeon - Gameplay Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Undungeon

Simply put, there's too much going on in Undungeon. It feels like several different mechanics ratcheted together. But none of it is cohesive. Moreover, the story is too complicated; you must read a novel every time you interact with someone. Finally, the controls feel cumbersome, and the numerous loading screens take you out of the experience.

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Undungeon is a great game with tons of unique innovative designs that I have never experienced. If the staggeringly large amount of text doesn't scare you off, and a sci-fi story is something you're interested in, I definitely recommend it.

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Undungeon is a visually breath-taking game that unfortunately suffers from lack of actual game content in favour of overcomplicated world building. The combat is clunky, there is way too much text to read and thanks to ridiculous damage scaling mechanic the difficulty is nerve racking. And that's a shame, because developers created a intimidating, sci-fi wasteland world, sprinkled with rich lore.

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A work that adds some striking mechanics to the formula of so many other classic action RPGs, but without being enough to forge a unique identity that stands out from the rest of the indie proposals out there.

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Undungeon has its merits and should be on the radar of every player who wants an RPG that values the narrative and the complexity of its systems. Unfortunately, issues such as the stiff movement and questionable difficulty prevent the title from reaching the pantheon of great independent games, but it's undeniable that there's fun to be found here — it's enough that expectations are correctly adjusted to reality.

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I was hoping for something special with Undungeon, but sadly was utterly disappointed. This is an example of a game where less could have been so much more. It overburdens players with overly complex systems that weren’t intuitive or fun. Granted, it has stellar artwork and a cool premise, but that’s not nearly enough to fix what’s already broken. Despite tinyBuild’s recent track record of publishing high quality games, this is one I absolutely cannot recommend.

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A delirious action RPG set at the end of a dying universe in which time, space and combat mechanics are collapsing in on themselves.

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