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Feb 4, 2015 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Deathtrap

Deathtrap is a solid genre mash-up that goes on the (tower) defensive.

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Deathtrap is a fun monster-killing, loot collecting, distraction. Unfortunately, it never goes beyond that. The lack of imagination in almost every facet holds this game from being as good as it could've been. It's still worth it's price tag, but little more.

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It may get difficult, but partying up with some friends and leveling up can combat that. For 20 bucks, you really can't go wrong with Deathtrap. I highly recommend it.

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Deathtrap's unique take on the tower defense genre by expanding player interaction with action and role-playing gameplay elements results in an entertaining and worthwhile experience. Both fans of tower defense and role-playing games are recommended to take a journey into the world of Deathtrap.

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I was pleasantly surprised and had an enjoyable time playing with multiple characters and building their skill trees to suit my play style. Without the cooperative mode, I would have been done with the game quite quickly, but being able to play with friends and strategize in the harder difficulties is worth the price of admission.

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Deathtrap is a fun co-op game, but fails to deliver in single player. Some skill and trap options are less than amazing, but overall they do pretty good. Gamepad support has some problems, but mouse and keyboard users shouldn't have any issues. Give it a try if you like playing with other people.

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Veterans of both PvZ and Diablo are going to find that Deathtrap handles both genres in a substantial way.

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In borrowing so heavily from its heritage, developer Neocore could have quite easily overburdened the somewhat narrow tower defence formula with pointless additions and misery inducing micro-management busywork. As it is, Deathtrap approaches the qualitative apex of its craft and niggles aside, sets a splendid example of how to marry two genres together to make a superlative whole.

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