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Four Circle Interactive, Sold Out, Fireshine Games
Mar 29, 2022 - PC

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Abermore Launch Trailer | Out Now on Steam thumbnail

Abermore Launch Trailer | Out Now on Steam

Abermore Announce Trailer | Coming to PC March 29th thumbnail

Abermore Announce Trailer | Coming to PC March 29th

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Critic Reviews for Abermore

Even Abermore's cult of beetle worshippers would draw the line at this many bugs.

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Abermore is an immense disappointment. The bugs and glitches can be cataloged so extremely clearly that it's incredible that this game even got released, let alone past playtesting. Hell, was it playtested? Why did this game get released even if it wasn't finished? These questions stuck in my mind as I played through this dumpster fire. Maybe this game will see all its bugs patched? Sure, but that doesn't mean that there's nearly enough interesting, let alone unique, content throughout the levels to warrant any recommendation from me.

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Abermore is a fantastic idea with lots of potential. I love the writing, the comedy that comes through in gameplay, and the whole vibe as a modern Thief. But just like the classic games that inspire it, Abermore comes with its fair share of jank and bugs. Right now that makes it a frustrating experience.

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Abermore had a lot of promise, but the bugs and presentation let it down majorly. This is legitimately close to unplayable.

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Thumb Culture

Unknown Author
Thumb Culture

Abermore is just simply a great concept at this time. It is not a great game. It does have potential, but it really was clearly not ready for release.

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Abermore is a stealth RPG that oozes potential, but a bevy of game-breaking bugs renders it virtually inaccessible.

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