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Retro Forge, Dear Villagers, Plug In Digital
Jun 2, 2022 - Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC

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Hobby Consolas
85 / 100
IGN Italy
7.2 / 10
IGN Spain
7 / 10
16 / 20
80 / 100
Daily Mirror
4 / 5
Gaming Nexus
6.5 / 10
Nintendo Life
7 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Souldiers

Its difficulty can be desperate, but if you are not afraid of great challenges or get stuck without knowing how to continue, Souldiers is a gem that no lover of retro, metroidvania and pixel-art should miss.

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Souldiers is a solid metroidvania, built around all the typical stylistic features of the genre. However, it struggles to find a distinct identity and carries a bit of technical and gameplay problems that negatively impact the experience. The inventory management, key mapping and save system in the game affect accessibility quite strongly, and the plot itself has never great peaks of originality. Still, Souldiers remains a fun game, with good ideas in variety of builds and situations.

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Souldiers is a remarkable metroidvania in its own right. A title that is an exercise in personality that distances it from the rest of the proposals of the style that flood the market. Above all thanks to its successful universe and the tone it manages. But it has certain design frictions (mainly related to the management of the challenge) that prevent it from going further. However, if you come to it with patience, you will enjoy its virtues.

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16 / 20

Souldiers seduces. Retro Forge manages to infuse him with a certain "soul". The world offered is beautiful, the characters who populate it pleasant, but the universe is ruthless.

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For a game composed of familiar elements, Souldiers still managed to surprise me. If nothing else, the game’s execution is exemplary. Even if you’ve played a ton of pixel art, soulsborne, and Metroidvania titles, this particular blend is a satisfying one. The art direction is beautiful, the controls are tight, and design is rock solid. If you’re looking for a new 2D adventure, Souldiers will easily scratch that itch.

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Souldiers is a fantastic adventure that manages to find the right balance between its different elements.

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There isn't much that sets Souldiers apart from other Metroidvanias. A big map to explore, secrets to discover, and plenty of upgrades. But limiting players to one of three unique classes does not make me want to play Souldiers all over again a second, let alone, third time. Dying is a struggle, and loading back in after a minute to die all over again is not rewarding. Puzzles that frustrated me to no end were common enough to keep me away. Souldiers will only appeal to those who are gluttons for punishment with little reward.

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Souldiers is one of those games that's disappointing simply because a small number of critical issues hold it back from the greatness it comes so close to achieving. A large world to explore, tough combat system, and an outstanding art style are weighed down by ridiculous load times and poor difficulty balancing. It's a real testament to the game's strengths that we'd still give it a recommendation, though perhaps with the caveat that you may want to try it on another platform than Switch, if possible - we really hope that further patches can iron out the issues. At any rate, we'd say Souldiers is certainly worth your time, but maybe this isn't one to rush out and buy right away.

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