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Fishing Paradiso

Odencat Inc.
Jun 1, 2022 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Fishing Paradiso Nintendo Switch Trailer

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Fishing Paradiso Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Fishing Paradiso

It scratched all the right itches for me, providing a pleasant fishing experience that was relaxing without being mindless. It tells a deep story (albeit with some stilted dialogue) that claws at what the afterlife is and deals with some heady topics in a playful, contemplative way. Distill Fishing Paradiso to its essence and it's straightforward, but this is a game that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

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Fishing Paradiso is a game that comforts you with its simple yet fun gameplay and the stories about healing emotional wounds that anyone can experience in their daily lives. However, the repetitive gameplay to watch true ending is rather boring, and the quality of the episodes inserted in the middle of the complete version is also a bit jagged.

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Fishing Paradiso offers serenity for those looking to relax; however, I’m not sure it accomplishes as much as its contemporaries. Games like Luna’s Fishing Garden and Spiritfarer occupy a similar space, boasting more engaging worlds, mechanics, and characters. Because of this, I hesitate to recommend Fishing Paradiso to anyone but the most avid fishing fans. If you have an insatiable wish to fish, then consider picking it up.

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While its loveable graphics and a story that brings warmth to everyone's hearts stay positive, the time spent on upgrading the best fishing rod may not be the best time you’ll ever spend in any video game. Gameplay wise, the tackling of the whole fishing action was pretty light and you would ask yourself the question whether it actually has any means to fishing in the end.

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Fishing Paradiso is the kind of game you get if you like fishing in Animal Crossing or Story of Seasons.

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Undoubtedly chill and charming, the lack of challenge and nuance in the game's title fishing lets it down...

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Fishing Paradiso is a narrative-focused fishing simulation game. I was initially drawn to the game because of its charming pixel art and calming vibe. Did the game leave a lasting impact on me? Find out in this Rapid Review.

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