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Lost Eidolons

Ocean Drive Studio
Oct 13, 2022 - PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

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Lost Eidolons | Official Release Date Announce Trailer

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Lost Eidolons | Official Reveal Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Lost Eidolons

It's hard not to respect and get swept up in the ambition of Lost Eidolons, where even the flaws and mediocre presentation is made worthwhile with some competent, classic SRPG gameplay.

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All in all, Lost Eidolons is a fairly ambitious outing that just about sticks the landing, despite some seriously rough edges.

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Take away all of that, and herein lies a more than competent turn-based tactical RPG that weaves a grand tale full of drama, stakes, and plenty of bloodshed. Lost Eidolons’ combat system is familiar yet different, offering strategic flexibility with the use of terrain and elements, and giving players the tools to succeed or fail on their own merits. Add to that the depth of its character development and worldbuilding, and it is likely anyone looking to invest considerable time into the game will enjoy themselves immensely. To say Lost Eidolons is an indie title with AAA aspirations is not a knock against it, but a true reflection of its quality and the potential it has if its edges were more refined.

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Lost Eidolons offers a great strategic experience with thorough gameplay systems and mechanics, though its presentation and narrative fall just a bit flat.

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Lost Eidolons is a tactical RPG that takes time to become attached to. However, once you start to get the swing of things you may just become hooked.

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Lost Eidolons is a truly impressive tactical RPG. It has solid and easy-to-grasp mechanics and manages to differentiate itself thanks to the weapon swapping and realistic visual style. While there’s still some room for improvement and some minor issues that require fixing, I can wholeheartedly recommend this to any fans of the genre. Here’s hoping this talented new team has many more exciting adventures to share in the future.

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I have some qualms when it comes to a few technical, artistic and character writing elements, and I feel like the level design could have been more varied and developed from the start, but I have no doubt Lost Eidolons offers, like no other tactical RPG so far a mash-up between Fire Emblem and an immersive, tragic and epic western aesthetic. I hope sequels may explore the Artemesia continent further and make it even more interesting. Ocean Drive Studio's debut game has a solid and consistent audiovisual [aspect], it's well written for its aims and its gameplay should please newbies in the genre (in casual mode) as well as veterans, playing on normal or higher and with permadeath on.

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