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KEIZO, WhisperGames
Oct 13, 2022 - PC
Gaming Nexus
9 / 10
3.8 / 5
Hey Poor Player
4.5 / 5
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Critic Reviews for ASTLIBRA Revision

Astlibra Revision can be a bit grindy at times and has a lot of dialogue, even for an action RPG, but I'd be remiss if didn't say this is one of my favorite games I've played recently.  The game looks and feels like you're playing an anime (complete with intro sequence at the start of each chapter) and the music is really hard not to rock out to.  If you're into action RPGs or just want to give this a shot, you can check out the demo before hand to get an idea how mostly everything works.  Once you're ready to dive into the full game, there's not much more to say but enjoy.

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ASTLIBRA Revision does not revolutionize anything, but it does offer a world and gameplay that will keep you occupied for a lengthy amount of time. Just don’t expect the best dialogue or narrative pacing, such as how the game’s introductory section feels miserably long, even though it’s only about twenty minutes.

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Hey Poor Player

Pernell Vaughan
4.5 / 5.0
Hey Poor Player

Astlibra Revision is a game that initially didn’t gel with me with but, very quickly, managed to ensnare me in a very addictive progression loop anchored by fun and flowing action gameplay. In other words, I have had an absolute blast with this title, and it is definitely going to be making my top ten list of 2022. This title isn’t receiving much in the form of marketing or word of mouth, and that’s an absolute shame because I feel like anyone that is a fan of classic action RPGs with platformer elements will absolutely take well to this game. And considering that the entire game was crafted by one person speaks volumes for what they have accomplished here, and I look forward to seeing what they attempt to do next. If you’re a fan of classic 2D adventures, Astlibra Revision offers a retro-inspired quest worth undertaking, and I am genuinely glad that this review crossed my desk because, without it, it would have very likely evaded my attention. Do yourself a favor, and do not let that outcome happen to you.

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